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A conjuration spell that brings up a crafting menu so the player can craft anytime, anywhere.

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Have you ever been in the middle of dungeon exploring and thought, "Why didn't I improve my weapon?"
With this spell you can craft anything anytime, anywhere. Its a novice conjuration spell called "Summon Crafting Menu". The spell tome is located at Dragonsreach in Whiterun. Go to Farrengar's Study and look on the bookshelves. You'll find it on the shelf above the flagon. With this spell, you can forge items, temper armor, sharpen weapons, make potions, enchant items, cook food, tan leather, and smelt ores. It's really convenient for the mage on the go.

Version 2.0 is here with four different versions:
1. A regular version, a version for those who have Hearthfire DLC: and
a version for those who have the Dragonborn DLC!
* I changed the name of the spell to Arcane Craftworks suggested by asc_kel
* I also added a lesser power for non-spellcasters and those who
who use two handed weapons and bows
* This version uses the Skyforge as requested by Ratara.

2. The Hearthfire version has all that the regular version has
plus an extra menu option for baking with the oven.

3. The Dragonborn version has all of the features of the
original version plus an extra menu option for staff enchanting
so you don't have to go all the way to Tel Mithryn every time
you want to enchant a staff. :)

4. The All 3 DLCs version has all of the features of the
original, hearthfire, and dragonborn versions plus
crossbow crafting is included at the skyforge.

Please only download one of these files because they do
not work in combination with each other!

This mod requires a copy of Skyrim and the newest update.
The Hearthfire version requires the Hearthfire DLC.
The Dragonborn version requires the Dragonborn DLC.
The All 3 DLCs version requires the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs

How to install:
Extract the files in the zip file to skyrim's data folder
normally C:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data

Possible mod conflicts:
Any mod that removes the crafting equipment at Markarth Understone Keep and the smelter outside of Bilegulch mine will cause the menu options to lose functionality.

Bugs and Glitches:
*While playtesting, I noticed a small glitch. When you are in the same cell as the objectrefernce the mod is using, you will be automatically teleported to the crafting table. For example, if you were in Understone Keep visiting the jarl and then used the spell to enchant something, you would be teleported to Calcemo's arcane enchanter.

I hope you enjoy my mod.