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This mod adds over 20 lore friendly bridges all over Skyrim.

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Bridges of Skyrim

This mod adds over 20 lore friendly bridges all over Skyrim

Why make this mod?

It never made sense to me for a road to end into one side of a river and pick up on the other side without a bridge that connected the two. It also seemed strange that "areas of interest" such as tombs, caves, houses...didn't have a way to get to them unless you walked miles down the road to the nearest bridge, when a simple bridge could be built to provide easy access across a stream. It seems like someone would have built some type of bridge just for the sake of not having to get your feet wet all the time.

This mod does just that.

WORD OF WARNING...The bridges are NOT Nav Meshed, so if someone wants to take on the task...go ahead. I tried to do it, then ran out of patience.


This is a standalone mod. The only thing I used in creating it was Skyrim.esm. I do have Dragonborn and Dawnguard in my game, but didn't use them when creating this mod.