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    Thanks to everyone who has shown their support for this project, either by making a donation, or in any other way. We truly appreciate it!
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    Uploaded version 5.1.

    Changes from last version:


    - Brought back previously removed category icon themes for item menus.

    - Updated API to version 4.
    - Added text input option type.

    - Fixed layout issues in the effect list.

    - Fixed wrong soul level info for partially filled soul gems. Actual fix comes with next SKSE update.


    - Updated SKSE version requirement to 1.7.3.
    - Improved various icons.

    - Fixed issue with equipping two identical armor base items that have different names.
    - Less eager purging of invalid group data to avoid unwanted group resets.

    - Tweaked mod registration timing.

    [AlchemyMenu, CraftingMenu, EnchantingMenu, SmithingMenu]
    - Initial release
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    If you're getting a "SKYUI ERROR CODE X" message and you don't know what to do, please have a look at this page first.

    Common question: I don't like the new crafting interface (or any other part of SkyUI). Can I disable it?

    Yes. There's a mod called SkyUI-Away, which contains the original UI files. Extract those original menu files you want back to Data/Interface.
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    I tried tio change from NMM to Vortex and I stuffed up everyting.
    so I decided to start all over again with Vortex.

    I have a fresh unmodded game runs no problems.
    I Downloaded a new copy of SKSE. Ran it and installed it into my steam skyrim folder.

    I manually run skse_loader.exe and the game starts up but it seems there is no SKSE?

    can someone help me on this?

    I discovered this through trying to install SkyUI and a message came up saying :

    This report informs you about potential problems with your SkyUI installation.

    Fix these problems , then press 'Refresh' to confirm that they're gone.
    After all problems have been resolved, you can continue with the installation.

    Problem #1:
    The SKSE scripts are missing.

    Potential causes:
    * You didn't install the scripts with the rest of SKSE.

    Get the latest SKSE version from 'http://skse.silverlock.org/' and install it.


    I have downloaded 3 time and I even tried deleting skse from the skyrim folder but no good.

    Please help. Is this a bug? Hve you heard of sush a thing. NMM was ok as regards SKSE and SkyUI.


    I think there could be a bug with skyUI package which I downloaded just a bout 30 minutes ago - I just tried it again and loaded the game and in the game menu it said skse 1.73 rel 48.

    After varifying this I went to Vortex and installed skyUI but it would not install it and still just says
    what I screen copied earlier that there are scripts missing.
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      You are not alone. I am having the same problem using Vortex install. Getting exact same responses and results. I too have tried several attempts to get this working but no luck. I install all of my script editors using Gopher's method of putting scripts into a data folder and installing. I have played Skyrim before and run this same process through NMM with no problems. I think this is some problem with Vortex...I have used the same method in Vortex to install FO4SE and it works just fine with no problems. If anyone has a solution please advise...
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    One issue I seem to have is the SkyUI MCM menus are not loading. I'm not talking about my other mods not showing up. I'm talking about drop down menus like "General", "Controls", "Advanced". They simply never load, but my mouse cursors can hover over the spots where these should be. If anyone has had this happen, or knows a way to fix this, please let me know. I can't change any of the settings but besides that, SkyUI is working just fine. I also have screenshots, but I can't post pictures.
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      Loaded Selene Kate mod, and what you discribed is happening with that menus, the right big window stays empty. I have several other mods loaded fine and everything avaliable.
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    Anyone else having the issue with SkyUI and Immersive Armors not playing nice? Because I was testing the two together and noticed that SkyUI causes the cart at the beginning of a new game to wig the f*** out. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to figure out how to resolve the issue and any feed back would be appreciated.
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      It’s not SkyUI, it’s probably IA, but some say it’s SMIM....

      Either way, to get around the issue: as soon as the game starts ( cart slowly coming into view ) hit the console key ~ to open the console. Let it stay open for about 3 minutes ( so all the scrips can load ) and then hit it again.
      Might not work on the first try, but chances are you will get past that issue quite fast.

      After that you’re home free
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    will Skyui be available to use with SKSE 2.0.6 (current version)?
    1. Modling
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      That version is for SSE, it is SKSE64 2.0.6. SKSE for SLE is still locked in 1.7.3 with no update plans. So, don't worry.
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    I just want to express my disappointment about that MCM only stores the setup data in the save file, what is a nightmare and a time lost that forces the user to configure the same things for each new game. FISS helps a bit but it is not a good solution.because you have to import them mod by mod in each new game, and not all mods have it implemented. This should be done globally and automatically by default.
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    Is there a fix to get all UI to run at 60FPS with SkyUI? Never noticed it until I switched from SSE to LE but I definitely notice it now. My FPS has been limited to 58FPS so it shouldn’t have anything to do with going over the engine limitations. Help would be greatly appreciated. Not blaming SkyUI at all but I was looking here for a fix.
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    I am running Win7 64 bit. Skyrim Special Edition through steam Steam.
    Downloaded SKSE and game is working after that
    Then downloaded NexusModManager, activated this mod and game does not launch. I need to deactivate it to make the game launch.
    Then I re-installed NexusModManager and this plugin manually. Now the game starts. But no mod visible. I still have the original/standard menus.. :/
    The plugin is installed correctly and visible in plugins in mod manager. But still not actiaved apparently in the game :/
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    Is something up with the Skill Trees' they seem all messed up for me
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    In response to post #29500085. #29576825 is also a reply to the same post.


    I think a found a way around this problem until the author can fix the source of it. The idea is to re-initialise the scripts used by skyUI.

    Here's how I did it:

    1. I started a savegame editor called "Save game script cleaner". It can be found at http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52363/?.
    2. Opened the save game file i wanted to fix.
    3. Go in "ScriptInstances" section <--important! Do NOT use the section "Scripts". We just want to get rid the the instances running.
    4. I found all the scripts (instances) starting with SKI_. (there were a lot)
    5. One by one, i selected them and deleted them (press the top left button " Delete Selected " ).
    6. I saved the game using "Save as".

    With this i lost my settings in SkyUI mod, which were easy to fix and cleared all my groups.

    Tested this for a day, everything else seems to work fine so far.

    Dude, you're the best. I can't believe that 3 years later and the dev still hasn't fixed this. Your method is the only way I had to rescue my game!
    1. Mookeylama
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      anybody know if this bug happens in the old version 4.1? i still use it
    2. aareyn
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      Thanks i have been plagued by this bug as well....you're a lifesaver!
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    To those who use Skyui, are you running the latest version ( of Skyrim Special Edition? I am asking because it seems that A LOT of people use Skyui, but I don't seem to be able to make it work for some reason.

    EDIT: Also, can anyone provide enlightenment on what this part of the installation instructions means?

    In the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and enable SkyUI.esp.

    I do not know what is meant by "Skyrim Launcher".
    Thanks again.