About this mod

-10 to 20+ hours of new gameplay
-New (is)land
-New village
-New dungeons
-New quests
-New NPC's
-New spells
-Mini games
-Survival modes
-Secrets/Easter eggs

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese


When you start this mod a new spell tome (book) is added to your inventory, "Teleport to BlackLand", read it to learn the new "Teleport to BlackLand" spell, then use the spell to teleport!

1.1-Papyrus log clean up, additional cleaning
1.2-Added voice to Abda
----Added voice to Vampire
----Added voice to Sarah
----Added voice to Andreia
----Added voice to Tarea
----Added voice to Candido
----Added voice to Solid
----Added voice to Nadab
----Added voice to Daniel
----Added voice to Obal
----Added voice to Kro
----Added voice to Sadoc
----Added voice to bandits
----Added voice to Patrobas
----Added voice to King Kyros
----Added voice to Skeleton King
----Added voice to Valkiria
----Added voice to Lazarus
----Added voice to Jack
----Replaced Infestation Chaurus with stronger ones
----README now explains how to start all quests
----Converted all .wav files to .xwm and all dialogue (.wav + .lip) to .fuz
----Racer doesn't stay indefinitely at home after his quest is completed
----Racer will gladly receive you in his house after his quest is completed
----Racer, you now receive a key to his house when his quest is completed
----It's now easier to trigger the Golem Stone with the Patroba's Rock Staff
----Necromancer ritual scene now starts faster
----Removed the helmet from the arena guard, it's now called Andreia
----Changed the name Jemima to Gemina
----Woodcutter axe now is able to cut trees
----Fixed a room portal in the Mines
----Fixed a script that would remove Thunderbolt from the player
----Fixed the initial BlackLand papers referring to the Dovahkiin as a male
----Editor warnings clean up
----Papyrus log clean up, script optimization
----Additional minor bug correction
1.3-Earthquake shout CTD problem that some people had is now solved
----Earthquake shout, female sound added
----Added voice to Laish
----Added voice to Vajezatha
----Added voice to Ur
----Added voice to Albina
----Added voice to Raca
----Added voice to Leonor
----The first encounter scene with Kro now ends even if the player has high resistance
----Tower of Doom trigger that triggers first scene with Sadoc is now bigger
----BlackLand first scene trigger is now bigger
----Survival Sleepy and Starving now have visual and sound effects when the bad effects hit
----The coffin of unique dead actors will appear properly in the Hall Of The Dead
----Gemina name now appears properly
----When talking to Patrobas player shout is enabled if the player doesn't has it yet
----Objectives on the Broken Pact quest corrected
----Golem armor can now immediately be obtained after Brothers To The End quest is completed
----Jose store is now fixed, all Necromancer spells will be available
----Jose now will open his store immediately after the Necromancer ritual
----It's now possible to hit both torso and head of Golem inside FDDilon
----Fixed a problem caused by V1.2 that prevented Childhood quest from running properly
----BlackLand Market, guarden and cemetery optimization
----Editor warnings clean up
----Script optimization
----Additional minor bug correction
1.4-Debris sections now warn the player if the shout is too weak
1.5-Removed unintended additional Argonian race from the player menu
----README, added language section
----README, added TES5Edit section
----README, added shout help to installation section
1.6-Gemina now charges the right ammount of money for the different rooms
----Water temple magical stones now removes the powers properly

The mod is made in English, other ones:
Portuguese - Brazil:

Skyrim version: Steam,
Creation Kit version: Steam,

This mod doesn't change any vanilla stuff, it should be compatible with all mods that are equal in scope. Note that I don't have ANY mods installed, so I really don't know wich ones are compatible or not.

Mods that shouldn't cause problems
-Adding or changing UI
-Adding or changing locations
-Adding or changing textures
-Adding dialogues
-Adding quests
-Adding spells
-Adding all kinds of stuff

Mods that might cause problems
-Changing quests (for example companion specific)
-Changing actors (specially the lvl ones)
-Changing spells
-Changing meshes
-Changing names of objects
-Changing statics, misc or any other object in general

In sum, adding should not cause any compatibility issue, but changing might, so pay attention to changes. Not all types of changes are "bad", but adding is better than changing, changing stuff causes massive compatibility and stability problems.

Known problematic mods
-UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (causes CTD because it changes vanilla companion stuff)
-Dawnguard Vampire Lord reverse Transforming Face fix - Vanilla (if you are a Vampire Lord you will CTD when using the EarthquakeShout)

Load order
Since this mod doesn't change anything vanilla I advise to load it first then other mods.

BlackLand - A new (is)land to explore!


-10 to 20+ hours of new gameplay
-New (is)land
-New village
-New dungeons
-New quests
-New NPC's
-New spells
-Mini games
-Survival modes
-Secrets/Easter eggs

Adds a new island called BlackLand with a new village, you will meet new NPC's that need your help to solve some of their problems.

You will find new unique dungeons in your adventures presenting new challenges.

New powerful unique spells and powers to use and discover.

Mini games with replay value to entertain you when you aren't exploring (if needed, see spoilers below).

Survival modes for the brave
-Destructible weapon: Your weapon will degrade with use
-Destructible armor (slow scrit): Your armor will degrade with use
-Destructible shield: Your shield will degrade with use
-Sleepy: Sleep depravation will cause bad effects
-Starving: Food depravation will cause bad effects

Hidden secrets/easter eggs to enrich your exploration (if needed, see spoilers below).

Should be simple, use Nexus Mod Manager, or...

-First unzip
-Open the folder and copy the contents to your Skyrim Data folder (BlackLand.bsa and BlackLand.esp)
-Normally: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonskyrimData
-Start the game, choose DATA FILES, check BlackLand

If you enter an interior and you appear in "space" you might need to:
-Go to C:My DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim
-Search for file Skyrim.ini
-Open with notepad, under [General] add iLargeIntRefCount=999999

If you don't have grass please check this link:

If you have shout problems it seems installing the mod with NMM shrinks the size of your BlackLand.bsa, please check to see if it's +- 400 mb, if it's smaller than that ( < 200 mb) you should uninstall the mod with NMM and install it manually.

When cleaning you may encounter a lot of items (825 last time I checked), this is what the creator of TES5Edit had to say about them:

"That's some special case handling for removing cells which were defined but are not actually used for anything. If you go to those forms manually you'll note that they're likely just cell records with nothing attached, or cell records with empty "Temporary" blocks on them.

It's harmless to let it remove those, though it'll probably get annoying since the CK will insist on resaving them - unlike the behavior in Oblivion."

So, no point removing them.

If you have performance issues and are using destructible survival modes, try to deactivate them, the slowest script is the destructible armor, start by it then deactivate the others if needed.

I love games, I love playing them and I love "making" them, this mod is an opportunity to show my skills and at the same time "work" in the industry, and maybe, who knows, work for real in this area?

Prior to this mod I only modded PES - Pro Evolution Soccer, I had no clue how to script or use CK, it has been a long road with lots of bumps, and I mean lots, but I've enjoyed all hours (3500+ CK, 390+ Skyrim) that I've spent editing this game (almost all of them anyways).

I hope you can enjoy it too :)

Thanks to my wife for understanding me, I love you.

Thanks to Keld, your beta testing is awesome!

Thanks to the guys at they are amazing!

Thanks to all VAs (Voice Actors), your work makes this mod better.

Thanks to the guys at Steam chat group Skyrim Creation Kit, my first helpers.

Thanks to Bethesda for providing such a great game and tools, thanks to all that read this and thanks to the ones that enjoy the mod.

By Black aka Black RL aka BlackRL

Keld aka KeldRL aka Keld RL

Voice Actor: Aranas
NPC(s): Mannimarco, Golem

Voice Actor: Black RL
NPC(s): Vajezatha

Voice Actor: bmw4acting
NPC(s): Leah, Maria

Voice Actor: DylanBrettMa
NPC(s): Lazarus

Voice Actor: Edouard
NPC(s): Jose, Mukrah, Skeleton King, King Kyros, Player (EarthQuake Shout)

Voice Actor: jackattack91
NPC(s): Jack, Patrobas, bandits

Voice Actor: Jazzy Long
NPC(s): Tarea

Voice Actor: JudeRodney
NPC(s): Aplestormy

Voice Actor: Kan
NPC(s): Valkiria, Andreia, Sarah, Bandit, Vampire, Laish, Ur, Player (EarthQuake Shout)

Voice Actor: Kittygineer Belle
NPC(s): Albina, Raca, Leonor

Voice Actor: madonecfn
NPC(s): Sadoc, Kro, Obal, Daniel

Voice Actor: Nextmastermind
NPC(s): Judas

Voice Actor: Styrophone
NPC(s): Racer

Voice Actor: thera_ca
NPC(s): Abda

Voice Actor: XenocideSoldier
NPC(s): Black, Keld

Voice Actor: xybrisva
NPC(s): Julius

Voice Actor: Y A R!
NPC(s): Nadab, Solid, Candido

Dragon priest by blenderisedmind

Oblivion Gates in Skyrim - Modders Resource by Hanaisse


Golem Armor (power)
-Complete The Old Stone Giants and Brothers To The End quests
-Go to the village garden
-Sit in front of the Golem for 180 seconds when not in combat

Sun and Eclipse (spells)
-Go to the highest place in the map (mountain near the golems)
-It can't be rainning
-Hour must be >7am and <5pm
-Go to the top, you will see a new NPC
-Look at the sun long enough so he talks to you

Inferno staff (MISSABLE!)
-Location: Oblivion
-In the top of the mountain, before the stairs, there's a small "arena" with a body, in front of him is the staff and book

Cold Staff
-Location: Faal Daanik Dilon
-Before the first temple go to your left and climb the rocks, go to the sharp edge pointing to the abyss
-You'll find a treasure corpse, burn it and wait for the staff to appear

Namira Gauntlets (spell)
-Complete Doomed quest
-Recover the coin purse from Sadoc
-Traverse the lake in Faal Daanik Dilon
-Climb the sand and rocks at your right, you will find a skeleton, in front of him is a heavy hammer
-Go to the Tower Of Doom, reach the last floor, hit the Skyrim flag with the heavy hammer
-The gauntlets are on the altar

Namira Necklace (power)
-Same place as Namira Gauntlets
-Offer 10 humanoid hearts to Namira
-DON'T remove the necklace after equip or you will loose the necklace and power
-If you remove the neckalce you have to make the offer again

Immolation (spell)
-Go to the market while Raca is working
-A new book appears in the bottom shelf called "Immolation, v1", read it
-Raca will talk to you and a new dialogue option appears
-(a)Go to the Golem place, climb the mountain and go down to the other side, you will find some Sabre cats
-They are "guarding" the entrance to the Fire Altar
-Complete the puzzle using the book
-Complete the quest

-You can start at (a), good luck :)

Childhood quest
-Hire Goliath
-Go to the old tree and sit in the bench during 60 seconds (no combat!)
-The quest starts

Cow wave
-This is a special wave in the arena that might appear

Mini games
-Complete Blood, Honor And Glory quest
-You unlock the arena at the coliseum
-You have 6 ranks, each has 11 waves

-Bow training-
-Same place as arena
-Before you enter the arena there's a bow on top of the table
-Pick it up to start the training
-Every time you repeat your objective changes

-Random dungeon-
-Complete the quest Old Secrets
-You can go back to the temple catacombs and play them again
-Every time you enter doors and enemies change
-Doors might or might not lead to the end, can you survive the maze?

-Stealth challenge-
-Talk to Keld at the market, he offers the chance to go in a special hunt
-Accept and meet with him, he will present the challenge and rules to you
-Every time you repeat the challenge changes

You can play the mini games every time you want.

-How to start: see Immolation (spell) explanation above
-Secret: yes/semi

-A Friend In Need-
-How to start: talk to Racer near the market

-Blood, Honor And Glory-
-How to start: talk to Abda, the village Jarl
-Mini-game: arena and bow training mini games, for more see explanation above

-Bungalow In The Water-
-How to start: complete A Friend In Need quest

-Burning Of The Witch-
-How to start: complete Missing Corpses, go to where the guards train and talk to Julius

-Broken Pact-
-How to start: choose to help Albina in the Burning Of The Witch

-Brothers To The End-
-How to start: complete The Old Stone Giants, then talk to the stone again

-How to start: see Childhood quest explanation above
-Secret: yes

-Dragon Age-
-How to start: complete Burning Of The Witch and Brothers To The End quests, you might need to wait a little bit for this quests to complete because of cleaning up, go to any interior in the village, when you get out the quest starts

-How to start: when you meet Valkiria de first time (in Faal Daanik Dilon) she asks you to carry her body, if you accept and pick up her remainings the quest starts

-How to start: just enter the Doomed tower (in Ruins)

-Fire From The Deep-
-How to start: while in Faal Daanik Dilon entrance and not in combat approach the corpse in the ground, the quest starts

-How to start: just talk to Jack when you meet him

-Missing Corpses-
-How to start: just talk to Leah when you meet her

-How to start: go to the market, Laish approaches you, just talk to her

-Old Secrets-
-How to start: go to the village temple and talk to Lazarus
-Mini-game: random dungeon, for more see explanation above

-How to start: go to the market and talk to Leonor

-Rest In Peace-
-How to start: go to the Hall Of The Dead and talk to King Kyros

-The Blood Of Innocents-
-How to start: go to the market and talk to Obal OR enter the Destroyed Fort, go deep and when a new Vampire scene starts the quest starts

-The Old Stone Giants-
-How to start: go to the Goat inn and talk to Patrobas, he gives you a "Rock Staff", equip the staff and travel to the Old Stone Gods Resting Place, approach the blue stone, she will talk to you, activate her

-Thrill Of The Hunt-
-How to start: go to the market and talk to Keld
-Mini-game: stealth mini game, for more see explanation above

-Welcome To BlackLand-
-How to start: just teleport to BlackLand

-Water Temple Challenge-
-How to start: find the Water Temple and talk to Ur, Vajezatha in the market knows the location