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A unique little house with some unique features set in a secluded valley. Welcome to Jaggarsfeld.

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See installation instructions below for upgrading to v2.x.x. from a previous version.

Skyrim Special Edition version is here:

Either a strange impulse to explore the mountains southwest of Whiterun or just your adventures lead you to discover a cavern nestled within the mountains. What is this hidden valley? Who owns this cabin? What strange force drew you here? What challenges will you face in order to claim it as your own?

Welcome everyone! This is Jaggersfeld, a unique player home for the hunters out there, but suitable for everyone else too! It has some awesome features including...

The Hunters Cabin
This cabin nested in a peaceful valley comes with a mod-compatible sorting system for all your items, as well as, some fairly unique crafting stations. Every crafting station in Jaggersfeld does not require players to have the materials in their inventory. As long as the items are in the proper chests from the sorting system, the materials will be available for use with their related crafting stations.

Within the cabin players will find unique finds like a functional potion display shelf, custom decorations, a custom scroll storage shelf, and a fully functional, 100% authentic Dunmer bed! Custom decorations in the home made by Oaristys and Tony67 which can be found here as well as rugs made by Insanity, found here.

The Trophy Hall
The valley is also home to an armory that's "not of this world", inspired by our previous house mod, Lair of The Crimson Scar. It was such a popular feature that we decided to bring it back, slap a new coat of paint on it, and build an addition that houses all the favorite Daedric artifacts and trophies from the player's hunts. We also feature unique displays for your Elder Scrolls, dragon claws, Dragon Priest masks, Black Books, and even a place to put those pesky paragons from the Vale.
CAUTION: When adding items to any of the display areas, don't add and remove items rapidly, as it can cause problems.

We hope you enjoy this house and all of its features, and be sure to have a look around the valley. You never know what the previous occupants may have stashed.

March 12th, 2017
Small update to NoSortScripts version:
This is just a small update to the version without sorting scripts. I have removed a few leftover scripts that were attached to the base objects and I removed the references to the master sorting chest from the plugin. I've assigned ownership to the chests in the cabin to the Jaggarsfeld faction which the play gets upon completing the quest.

February 23rd, 2017
Released Jaggarsfeld version 2.6.0:
Today I have released v2.6.0 of the mod. This release is strictly for getting Van voiced. Nothing else has changed. There are no special updating instructions. Just install and play.

It is with great pleasure that I (TechAngel85) can say I have accomplished rounding out this mod to the extent of my original goals from when I took over the development of the mod. It's been a long road to get to this point filled with plenty of frustration and tears as I had a steep learning curve to climb. I have learned a great deal about modding working on Jaggarsfeld. I can say both myself and the mod is all the better for it. If this sounds like a "retirement speech", that's because it is. I'm going to officially hang up the development of this mod to focus on other projects that I'm both a part of and have independently developed. I will still be around for bug fixes, but that is about all I will do. STEP is about to go through a large redevelopment and it will be taking up most of my time. However, I wanted to finish out this mod before that took place. This release is available for all versions (scripted and non-scripted sorting), as well as, for the Xbox.

I bid you all farewell and wish you all to have a good year this year. May Hircine bless your Hunts!

  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Hearthfire DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC

Supported Mod Managers:
  • Nexus Mod Manager - latest stable version only. Alpha builds are not supported.
  • Mod Organizer - latest stable version only. Alpha/Beta builds are not supported. This is the recommended mod manager.
  • Wrye Bash - latest stable version only.

Users installing Jaggarsfeld for the first time or users creating a new game can simply install the mod and play. Nothing else to it!

Users installing an update should check the changelog to verify if the following steps need to be performed or not. I try not to make changes which require these procedures since they are so tedious to perform. However, from time to time, they may be required.

Please note, these procedures have not been tested with SSE and the Save Game Script Cleaner program may not work with SSE saves.

CAUTION: Backup your save before continuing!

Completing a save...
1. Load your save game and travel to Jaggarsfeld.
2. Open the console [~] and type in TGM. This allows you unlimited carry weight for the update.
3. Collect EVERYTHING from the Cabin, Exterior, and the Trophy Hall. Don't come complaining that you've lost your items because you didn't do this!
4. Now, leave Jaggarsfeld and travel to any interior outside of Jaggarsfeld worldspace (e.g. Dragonsreach, Riverwood Inn, etc.).
5. Save and exit the game completely.

Uninstall Jaggarsfeld
1. Now uninstall Jaggarsfeld using your mod manager.
2. Re-load the save from Step 5 above. Click Yes to the prompt about missing content.
3. Once the save is loaded, save the game again using a new save.
4. Exit the game again. You've save is now clean of most of Jaggarsfeld. Continue below to clean the scripts.

Clean the scripts from your saves...
1. Download Save Game Script Cleaner, if you don't already have it.
2. Extract the mod and double-click SaveTool.exe to run it.
3. Click the Open button at the top right of the window.
4. Locate your save from above and click open.
5. In the Scripts textbox at the top left, type in "HCScrollHolder" (without the quotes).
6. In the pane below the textbox, expand the Scripts 1 tree.
7. Select the HCScrollHolder script.
8. Click the "Delete selected" button above the pane.
9. Repeat Steps 5 through 8 above for the remaining scripts listed below:
  • _sgaCraftingAutoLoot
  • _sgaCraftingSpell
  • QF_HCJaggarsfeld_05088B64 (if present)

10. Now, at the top right of the window, ensure the "Auto backup" checkbox is ticked and click Save.
11. Click Okay to the pop-up and then close the program. Your saves are now clean of the scripts which required resetting.

Finishing up...
1. Now install the latest file for Jaggarsfeld.
2. Sort with LOOT, letting it decide the placement.
3. Load your cleaned save from the steps above in "Clean the scripts from your saves...".
4. Open the console [~] and type in TGM. Tap the run button if you're walking slow.
5. Travel to Jaggarsfeld.
6. Complete the quest.
7. Replace all your items to their proper locations.
8. Open the console [~] and type in TGM.
9. Save your game. You've completed the update! Game on!


To uninstall Jaggarsfeld:
  1. Collect anything you do not want to lose from the Cabin, Exterior, and Trophy Hall.
  2. Save your game outside of the Jaggarsfeld worldspace (preferably in an interior space).
  3. Exit the game and remove Jaggarsfeld.
  4. Reload your save from step 2. Click "yes" to the warning.
  5. Once loaded, re-save and exit once more.
  6. Your game is now clean of Jaggarsfeld.

A big thank you go out to Gopher and Sinitar Gaming for showcasing our little mod on his channel!

The following are mods we recommend using with Jaggarsfeld.

  • BethINI by Vuud/DoubleYou () - Okay, so this one isn't a mod. It's a tool that will clean up your INIs and make sure there aren't any erroneous edits which could cause issues in the game. You should try it out! If you ask for support, you're going to be asked to run this tool to make sure the issues aren't in your INI files.
  • USSEP by Arthmoor and Team () - If you're not running this, you should be. This fixes hundreds of issues left in by Bethesda.
  • Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701 (link) - This mod allows you to store a lot more books on the shelves for you collectors.

  • Bethesda for making Skyrim, making it moddable, and providing the tools to do it.
  • Nexus for providing the best sharing platform for modders.
  • xJACKTHERIPPERx and DarthXile for creating Jaggarsfeld.
  • TechAngel85 for continued maintenance and willingness to keep Jaggarsfeld alive.
  • kryptopyr and RobinHood for helping track down the answers to the elder scroll display issue.
  • Big thanks to Sjogga for the sorting system resource and the claw holder script. It can be found here.
  • Jake "Craftiian" Rowe for the voice acting as "Van Volley". Look him up.
  • Windaddict for the tutorial on potion racks
  • IsharaMeradin for helping to finally sort out the scripts for the Daedric Display area.
  • Kesta and SparrowPrince for help with some script issues.
  • Kobayashi345 for the display case texture (Link)
  • Arrioch for the Trophy Hall door texture (Link)
  • Stoverjm for Open Books Library (Link)
  • Finally, a thanks to the community and users who have tried Jaggarsfeld! We're blown away by all the comments and compliments from you guys. Thank you!