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Falskaar Fast Travel - Solstheim Style

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[size=10]Falskaar Fast Travel[/size]

Fast Travel between Falskaar and Skyrim => Solstheim Style

If you also have Dragonborn and/or Wyrmstooth Mods.
Then you might want to switch over to my new mod. Island Fast Travel
Fast Travel between Any of the 3 popular islands

ISLAND FAST TRAVEL includes Falskaar Fast Travel.
It is basically an improved and expanded version of FFT

Q. What does this mod do ?
A. It adds Fast Travel Map Markers to and from Falskaar and Skyrim.
Falskaar is a DLC sized new land mod. By AlexanderJVelicky

Q. Are the map fast travel markers active by default ?.
A. No. The map markers will only show up after you did the "Passage Home" Quest.

Q. But im already way past that....
A. No problem the markers will then become active shortly after you started a game with this mod.

Q. Will this mod break the excellent Falskaar MOD ?
A. NO.! Extremely doubtful because this mod only adds 2 Map Markers to the game

Q. Required mods ?
A. Falskaar !

Q. What about load order ?
A. Does not matter, anywhere in the list.

Q. How to un/install?
A. Use NMM.
Install manual:: Unzip the files in to the data folder.
Uninstall Manual:: Delete files

Also see the ReadMe file. (also included in the zipfile)

Q. Is that all the info I need ?
A. Yes. This is just a tiny mod. not much else to say :)

My Other Mods :
Island Fast Travel
Slaughter Fish Nemesis

Have Fun.