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  • Mods, Stability, and Save games

    -Mods, Stability, and Save Games-

    This might be a long one, but probably one of the most important articles you will ever read on the Nexus. It deserves a news flash by Dark0ne if it were up to me, but oh well. Anyways, there is a lot of misinformation among the less knowledgeable members of the modding community, and consequently there is a lot of people recklessly installing & uninstalling mods from there save game. This is general advice, with a few other tidbits thrown in. For those of you who are curious as to just where this information is coming from, thank the members of the TES5Edit team and the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. This is mostly a copy/paste directly from a thread over at Bethesda's official forums, with a few additions thrown in.

    First, ...

  • Troubleshooting & Common Questions

    -Troubleshooting & Common Questions-

    I'm more than glad to help people out, to get the mod working, to clarifying things, or getting to the bottom of issues. However, the sheer number of repeated questions wears on me, mostly from people who do not read before they post.. Especially when they're already documented and mod users refuse to read it. It takes 5-15 minutes at most to go through a description page, as opposed to maybe several hours to wait for a response from us. There are thousands of people downloading mods, but there is only two of us... So please, do us both a favor and skim through this, the description page, and the readme before you go to the comments section.

    If you ask a direct question and are ignored, it's probably because you co...

  • How to Play Deadly Dragons

    -How to Play Deadly Dragons-

    This is where I get up on my soap box and write about what you need to do to survive with this mod... Which is kinda pointless when you think about it. How difficult DD becomes depends on what kinda of settings you use, what type of character you're playing, and what mods you're using with it. Anyways here's a few tips, pointers, and guidelines that may help you out.

    Unless it's a Legendary Dragon on Master difficulty, vanilla dragons aren't really a threat to an experienced player. There combat A.I. routines become predictable, and it just becomes kinda mundane. Blast them with spells/arrows, smack them around when they land, and then go berserk when they get too tired to fly. That's before you take into accoun...

  • Recommended mods

    -Recommended Mods-

    For nearly two years I've combed through the Nexus. Looking for great mods that are well done, widely compatible, and are supported by there authors. Things that make Skyrim feel more alive, more immersive, more realistic, and more enjoyable to play. Things that enhance the game without straying to far from what Bethesda intended Skyrim to be. But without turning the game into a pseudo-simulator and keeping the word "fun" in mind. I've tried almost all of the popular mods out there, and I have my preferences just like everyone else. So if you don't agree with my choice of a certain mod, that's all well and good. Since I originally wrote this, most of these mods that were at one time a bit less known have grown in popularity. But anyw...

  • ASIS - Instructions

    -ASIS & Deadly Dragons-

    "ASIS" is short for Automatic spells & Increased spawns, but the mod does much more than that. ASIS introduced randomly increased weighted spawn counts, gives perks to NPC that they otherwise wouldn't (and should) have, allows them to use spells from mods, and injects some serious brainpower into the AI. This mod makes Skyrim's general NPC's and creatures more difficult in the right ways. Not arbitrarily increasing health & damage values and nerfing your own (like 95% of games out there nowdays), but making enemies smarter, in slightly greater numbers, and giving them more tools to use against you.

    Now, there are two functions of this mod that you don't want to interact with Deadly Dragons. To allow D.D. to function as inte...