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Conversion of the Pure Steel Blade mod for Oblivion

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Conversion of a great mod from Oblivion by EuGENIUS V:

Swords are sold by Eourlund, they can be crafted (steel category), improved and enchanted. The stats are similar to the skyforge greatsword.

Ver 1.0:
Initial release.
Ver 1.1:
Changed something after EuGENIUS sent me a PM with an improved .nif, what he changed:
"1. Added alpha to and My fault, it's not too important in Oblivion, but can give some weird specular lighting glitches in Skyrim.
2. Added * files for all textures (just blurred and a bit darkened alphas from corresponding * files). Not sure if it even do something, but... just in case.
3. Added textures\cubemaps\ and weapons\puresteel\bngsword\* to BSShaderTextureSet (may help with reflections\speculars)
4. Restored normalmapping - you forgot to re-create tangents and binormals."

Sorry about the normal maps, it was one of my firsts imports and i didn't really know what i was doing, and i didn't check it when i uploaded :). I reflected this improvements in all the swords, so now visual quality should be much better :).

I didn't make the models nor the textures. So making changes would be pretty difficult: i can model a bit, but this work is much more advanced than my own :).

Drop the Data folder in your Skyrim directory, then open the Skyrim launcher and click "Data
files". Be sure that the PureSteel.esp is checked, then activate "load loose files".

Thanks to EuGENIUS V who made meshes and textures
Thanks to Jaysus for the tutorial.
Thanks to Ghogiel for the continuous support.
Thanks to Waaaghbafet for some tips on the STAT values.
Thanks to somuchmonsters for the blood effects video tutorial.
Thanks to Samutz in the Bethesda's forum for the smithing tutorial.
And thanks to everyone in the Nexus forum.