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Minor fix that makes dragons use the Unrelenting Force shout like they are supposed to.

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This is not an overhaul, and does not introduce any new content to the game. It is only a small minor fix that alters dragon combat. If you already have mods that affect dragon combat, then you can put this mod at the end of your load order.

Why don't dragons use the Unrelenting Force shout? They are supposed to, but the problem is that dragons' AI prioritizes fire/frost breath attacks too highly and rarely, if ever, use anything else.

So, this tiny plugin simply fixes that shout so that dragons actually attack with it. I figured that the full-on ragdoll blast that the Dovahkiin has might not be appropriate for dragons, because it makes lower-level dragons very difficult. Instead, the new shout is more like the one that Draugr use, which causes stagger.

Install with NMM, or simply copy the .esp file to your Data folder.

** Please endorse if you like the mod! **

Should work with or without the DLC. I don't know of any conflicts it would have with other mods. However if you find an issue, please post about it so I can address it.