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This Mod reverses the Bow when it is holstered as it is the way people actually carry bows.

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I felt the bow sitting on the back sideways looks a little funny so I spun the bow to face backwards, and moved the items stored on the back around a little. The Quiver and 2 handed weapon is also adjusted slightly. (To avoid major clipping). All three are also slightly closer to avoid 'floating' items. The body is the CBBE but mod should work with vanilla also. I recommend using the Small Quiver mod by Bellwood2206 ( To make it all fit nicely.
Please Note: I'm not a Modder by any means I spent way too long figuring this out, But I love the Nexus community here so I'm sharing my work. Hope you guys enjoy as much as I do.

Please Note this is just a single Skeleton file that WILL replace your standard skeleton. Your more then welcome to copy the adjustments from this skeleton onto your own. When I have the time I'll create a little tutorial on how to mod the skellies yourself. Wasnt that hard when I finally figured it out.