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Meet a beautiful companion with full of secrets Ashara Princess Of The Woods Armor now included. Some minor fixes

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Well. this is my 3rd follower mod I've created.
This was actually my character I've played for very very long time. I spent a lot of times trying to create as beautiful as possible.
I hope you guys like my mod :)

*I made a silly mistake on her body weight :( I thought the scale of her weight was 0.00 to 1.00, but I found out that it was actually 0 to 100. No wonder why she was so skinny D: Now I fixed that part. Additionally, I made some changes to Kamille. see the updates section.
Make sure to download the update file.

New Armor Set created by SydneyB (Ashara Princess of the Wood)
Body weight maxed (larger breasts/shoud fix big head problem) Deleted due to neck clipping issue
Kamille's hood/cape moved to her inventory from default outfit
No longer invulnerable, Kamille will take damage but will not die.

4K Body Texture
Combat Assassin specialized in One/Two-handed weapons and Archery
Sneak Type Follower
Levels up with PC
Standalone (does not require any additional mods)
Better facial expression
Unique Armor sets (HD Quality)

Doesn't affect stealth meter

CriticalShot 90
Stealth 80
SteadyHand 60

Name : Kamille Shy
Sex : Female
Age : 23
Personality : quiet
Skills : One/Two-handed weapons, archery
Likes : Orange, Lime
Dislikes : Children
Location : Sleeping Giant in Riverwood

“Orgnar! Another ale!” Byrim demanded. He wiped some of the filth off his face and continued staring at the wall. Why was the service in this dump so slow? Byrim didn’t realize he was staring at first. He had expected big, lumbering Orgnar to bring him the ale. But this wasn’t Ognar- this was a young woman that didn’t even look like she belonged in Riverwood…What approached him was a very pretty young woman, with long wavy blonde hair, and a smile that Byrim found a little unsettling. There were so many things about her that were out of place, not least of which was the fact she was walking towards him…“Here is your ale sir,” she smiled as she filled his tankard with a delicate hand. Even in his haze, Byrim could see there was a grace in her movements that was unusual. And she wasn’t dressed quite like any local barmaid. There was something else about her that bothered him, something that tickled his foggy memory, but what was it?

Shrugging to himself, Bryim decided to forget about her and get back to drinking. He had so many things he wanted to forget…The next day, Byrim dragged himself out of his rented bed and walked out into the common room of the inn. It was empty, except for ever present Orgnar and the owner, the one he had been forced to speak to in order to rent a room. He stumbled outside, squinting against the morning light. After a walk he would see about getting some breakfast to drink. Byrim wasn’t sure how long he walked, Riverwood was a small town though. For some reason he found himself on the outside of town, near the bridge that he thought led to Whiterun. He might go to Whiterun, maybe that would be a safe town? A place to drink away the nightmares…
He started when he realized he was staring at the young woman who had served his ale last night. She was leaning against the bridge, staring at the mountains on the other side of the river, she did not seem to notice him. He could see that she was holding something in her hands, sometimes looking down at it, and sometimes looking up to the distant mountains, but he couldn’t tell what it was from this distance.

Part of him wanted to go talk to her, but the larger part of Byrim would be happy to never talk to anyone again. He just wanted the memories to stop, and with them the nightmares. He looked at the girl for a good long time before he lurched back into town. There was something about her, something besides the way she smiled. Why was she staring at the mountains like that? Did she want to go there? Leave her life as a barmaid? Walking back towards the inn, Byrim was dully aware that something was bothering him. What was it? Something he had seen, something tugging at his memory. Later that night, Byrim set his tankard on the bar and asked Orgnar for an ale. For some reason, he didn’t want the pretty barmaid to notice him. He couldn’t say why. He had realized a few hours ago that for some reason, he was afraid of her. He walked to an empty bench with his ale and sat down heavily. A strange feeling was coming over him, something he hadn’t felt since he had fled the village where he had been working at the lumber mill. He planned on getting work at the mill here in Riverwood, when he ran out of gold. For now he just wanted to try as hard to forget- Byrim stared. The Inn was filling up now, and the girl was walking around with her pitcher of ale, filling tankards and giving people that strange smile. That was when he saw it, and he realized what she had been holding that morning by the river. It was a flower. A small, white flower with a golden center. He had seen one of those before, but never in the wild.

He had seen one carried by a traveler, a traveler that had destroyed the village where he had been working. Byrim had barely escaped that massacre, hiding underneath some rotten lumber while the screams had rolled over him like a wave…Draining his tankard, Byrim stumbled out of the inn, putting as much distance between that flower and himself as he could. Could it be the same girl? The traveler that had massacred all those people? Shivering against the night cold, Byrim decided to ignore his instincts against traveling at night, and try to make it to Whiterun. Maybe there was a mill there?

by Brassidus and Choco2114(just little parts..)

She is not in Riverwood Inn. I can't find her :(
-She should always be. Look around the inn or wait couple hours. If you tried eveything, and she still doesn't show up, there might be something wrong with your savefile.

My Skyrim crashes when I load Showracemenu.. What should I do?
-Kamille uses extremely high resolution textures, which might cause CTD while using race menu without showracemenu precache killer

Can you share her savefile?
- for now, no.

Can you make her vulnerable? I want some challenges!
-Here is a simple picture guide I made on how to make her vulnerable by using Creation Kit. If you don't have creation Kit, you can always download it on Steam... if you can't do that...hmmm....I don't like you

When will she have custom voice?
-Truth is, I don't know. Maybe couple days? months? or year? :(
Finding a right voice actor for the character is pretty challenging. I only have voice actress for Korean version for now. Currently I'm still looking for an English actor.

She looks very ugly on Creation Kit, wtf???
-It's because she is missing tri files which I wasn't allowed to upload. It should be fine as long as you don't touch anything on her face.

Does your mod support bpp or tbbp
-No, I will try to add those features later.

What armor mods did you use for screenshots
-The list of armor mods I've used are posted in the "Recommended Mod" sections

You suck!

What little dragon mod is that in the first picture?
-It's paarthurnax scaled down to 1/100 of its original size. I used "set Scale #" console command.

I have UFO/AFT and she is not listening to me!
-Try fixing your load order, you might have kamille.esp on top of those esps. Any follower mods must be placed lower than those mods. My mod is recognized by BOSS masterlist, so try running it.

Can you make her available in 2k/1k textures? My computer can't handle it D:
-You can reduce the size of the textures without ruining the quality by using OptimizerTextures

added UNPB and CBBEv3 Version
no longer requires Race Compatibility

added Makeup file

added new unique armor sets (Ashara Princess of the Woods) created by SydneyB

Some minor fixes

-unique weapon-
-custom voice-

Ashara Princess of the Wood for UNP
Isilmerial LOTR Weapons Collection
Ashara Elven archer armor revisited
Lustmord Vampire Armor
Raven Witch Armor
Stockings from Bouncy Bodices

Ashara Princess of the Wood for UNP
Apachii Hair Female Version
Enhanced Character Edit
SG Female Eyebrow
SG Female Texture Renewal
ENSE - Eye color with New EyeLash
Female Facial Animation
Calientes Female Body Mod -CBBE-

I just want to ask you guys a little favor..Please do not make my character look like a w$%re or walk naked D:
At least don't post screenshot of it..please please My voice actress who's also working on this mod wouldn't really appreciate follower might never be able to have an unique voice..
Personally I don't appreciate either.. I will hunt you down ._.

Video review by Hodilton

Teaser and trailerby WhySoSiriuS(German)

Mod Review by cgy95

Mod Review by mxr

Please do not upload my files to the other websites to make profits by using methods such as ads.
Beside Most of works are done by the other modders, they don't belong to me.

Ashara Princess of the Woods By SydneyB (
Apachii Hair Female Version 1.3 by Apachii (
Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1/ECE Team (
SG Female Eyebrow by HelloSanta (
SG Female Texture Renewal by HelloSanta (
ENSE - Eye color with New EyeLash by radioragae (
UNPB Body by MrTroubleMaker (
Female Facial Animation by nao4288 (
CBBE v3 Body by Caliente (