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Changes the SkyRe perks that involve sets of armor (Light + Heavy Armor trees as well as Smithing passive perks) so that they no longer require the helmet to work.

Permissions and credits
For Perma version go here: (i never got the time to play enough to test any edits i wanted to try so kudos to the guy or girl who made this :) ) Still going to leave this file up for anyone using skyRe but i don't plan on making any changes to it

Don't you just find it annoying that just because you want to wear a pretty circlet or want to see you characters hair you should lose an ridiculous amount of armor. I for one just found it unrealistic that helmets were so important for a high armor rating when several of them can restrict vision and if they don't well its not giving you that much protection of your face is it. So i decided i'd find a mod to get rid of the helmet requirements on the perks so that the helmet with an armor rating of 70 gives you an extra armor of 70 when equipped rather than the 120 odd before due to you meeting the perk conditions. Well i was looking around the nexus and was somewhat surprised to find the only mod for this has not had the file updated in over 12 months and didn't effect the smithing perks (SkyRe - Skyrim Redone HaS Edition ). So I decided it would be a good idea to try and make an up to date version of this mod from scratch (which as a 1st mod to me was surprisingly easy).

Latest version of Skyrim
Skyrim Redone by T3nd0 (Kinda obvious)
SKSE (SkyRe needs it although my mod doesn't itself)

What this mod changes:

So what perks exactly are altered by this mod well i've altered 3 of Skyrim Redone's Perk trees to remove the helmet requirement or make the bonus only require 3 pieces of the armour set. So if your wondering why 3 trees when theres only 2 armor types well in SkyRe as a master smith armor types you can make have passive effects but you had to be wearing the full set so I changed those perks as well.

Heavy Armor (affected perks):
Stone Wall
Stalwart Defence

Note: I have not included Thick Skin in this as it already had an effect at 3 pieces honestly if you want to charge a group of archers in heavy armour try using a helmet or a shield. I mean lets be reasonable the extra 6% is the reward you get for actually being worried about getting an arrow in your head.

Light Armor (affected perks):
Custom Fit
Wind Walker
Deft Movement
Swift Counter (The shield is still required but the helmet is not)
Potential (See Smithing tree changes below)

Smithing (affected perks):
Leather Craft
Elven Discipline
Nordic Design
Glass Theorem
Dragon Craft
Principles of Smithing (steel gear)
Dwarven Rigging
Orcish Creed
Red Mountains Calling (Ebony Side-note: defiantly one of the best perk names of all time)
Deadric Study

Wayfarer (affected perks):
Foreign armor


Pretty straightforward but i recommend you do a clean save mostly because its a good habit to get into in case the mod does cause you issues at least you then have an uncorrupted save to fall back on. people doing manual installs i expect you know what your doing download the file and place the esp into your load order in the appropriate place.

1) Download with NMM
2) Activate the mod
3) Place below Sky_Re Main.esp in your load order but above other mods. Example if you have 20 plugins and SkyRe Main.esp is your 10th this should be your 11th.
4) Enjoy your updated perks (don't do what I do which is spend the next 3 hours messing with your ini settings to get your bow firing perfectly.)


Minor incompatibility with ( (pre reproccer patch) patches now included in files section load the patches after the pre reproccer patch


Let me know ASAP on this please I'm 90% sure everything is working but given my inexperience its more than likely something will go wrong somewhere because I'm an idiot and will have forgotten to do something important.

Future Plans:


Bethesda - For making one amazing game and releasing a creation kit so that people like me can make mods.
T3nd0 - For SkyRe, Best Skyrim Mod of all time in my opinion. (Also for the 3rd hand piece of advice that let me work out how to set SkyRe as a master for my esp).
Gopher - For convincing me to install SkyRe and for quite frankly convincing me to mod my Skyrim as prior to seeing his video's i didn't realise there were mods that did things other than change the female body or add armors for those said bodies.
PR0JAX and Frznflm - For attempting the original idea I have no idea if you 2 are still around so decided to at least make a mod that does what yours did when it was still active. (Note that while our mods are similar I made mine entirely from scratch using the current SkyRe)
Andraax - person who told me where to look for editing the perks.
Ziggy (my dog) - For the huge number of distractions you created while writing this alone you deserve a mention. Also because if anyone is still reading I'll be amazed.