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Way more variation in the bandits you encounter, lore-friendly

Permissions and credits
Guards module found here.
Wizardry module found here.

Also available on the Steam Workshop here.

Extract the plugin in the /Skyrim/Data folder and make sure this mod is checked on the load order; that's it!

Optional file: Master of Weapons 1-20 EFP Patch adds the 'common' weapons to the random distribution among bandits - requires Master of Weapons - All in One 1-20

Features (Bandits module):
Huge variation in armour, a bandit would be using anything they can get - not a matching set like the vanilla game
More common weapons and clothing found on bandits (even a knife and fork!)
EVERYONE can dual wield
Archers can have a 1H weapon, 2H weapon or dual wield in addition to the bow, not just a dagger
Bandit bosses can also carry bows, they might get you from afar!

100% compatible with mods that add new weapons and armor, all DLC, new areas and even new zones like Falskaar, just make sure this mod is BELOW the others on the load order
Works great with Kids of Skyrim

Future plans:
Civil war module (Stormcloaks and Imperials) Cancelled, already many mods that do this

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