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changes the main menu skyrim logo to a wallpaper, over 10 options so far, now ther is a RANDOMIZER!!

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Main menu wallpaper[/size]

~This mod replaces the main menu dragon logo to a wallpaper ! ~

had to resize this pic so it would fit here. in game its 1080p and crisp

Downloads Section:[/size]
download either the randomizer or
the single version pack.
any additional wallpapers i have added will be in the optional section

Video Showing[/size] (allmost)[size=+2]All 1080p Versions:

What I've done here is swap out the mesh of the logo with a mesh of a map, and gave it its own texture, giving the illusion of a wallpaper.

Two versions are available, complete version with a SKSE plugin to randomize the wallpapers at each start and a single version with only the wallpaper you like.
Optionally, you can replace the default loading screen/main menu fog with snow.

Random wallpaper
(Requires SKSE available here:
Download the Randomizer complete version. This includes all the wallpapers.
Launch Skyrim via SKSE loader.

You can find more info on the nexus "Read me" tab of this mod.

single wallpaper
Download the main menu re placer single versions and select and instal the one u want

instal directory is steam/steamapps/common/skyrimMERGE DATA FOLDERS

Optional snow
Download the file with the snow mesh and put it to the data folder.

Optional intro sequence remover
Add "sIntroSequence=" in your skyrim.ini under the [General] section without the quotes. This makes the launch of the game really quick.

Optional Main Menu Bethesda logo remover Recommended!!

[size=+3]you can randomize main menu music also!
[/size]you must:

1st : Instal main menu music into the main DATA foldersteam/steamapps/common/skyrim/DATA
2nd: instal custom music into every DATA folder inside of DATA/mainmenuwallpapers
you can find the data folders inside of the folders labeled A B C D Eect..

example: if you installed it properly
steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data/mainmenuwallapers/A/Data/music/SPECIAL/mus_maintheme.xwm <<<<<

also u can use FOMM to unpack the sound.bsa file and retrieve the original main menu music (just search maintheme in the sound.bsa)

[size="6"]Credits and thanks to
LLFBandit for the randomizer plugin !!!
Bethesda for Skyrim.
Skyrimnexus for the community website.

All credit for version U goes to =sinobali at deviant art. The painting is "the land of skyrim". Thanks for his approval.

also all credits for version V,X,Y goes to dezzz here on nexus for his work : "Eldergleam Dream", "mists of solitude", and "Vorstag"
Thanks for his approval!!

contact me first if u wish to use my resources PLZ

this mod is dedicated to Adam Adamowicz for his wonderful work on FO3 and Skyrim and oblivion
your art will live on, the world is less creative without you..
most of these wallpapers were drawn by him..