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A stupidly destructive sword for when you just want to DESTROY something. Like a group of bandits, or one of those effing bears. (Seriously I hate those things, they deserve to burn like the furry heathens they are.)

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It has been whispered of for centuries, longer perhaps; A sword of great power that finds its way into the hands of a champion, during times of great peril to Tamriel. It has been called by many names: The Flame of Red Mountain, Alduin's Tongue, and others that have been forgotten in the mists of time. There is one name, however, that is known, yet unknown; familiar, yet unfamiliar. It is the one name that shakes the confidence of the mighty, or drives them to seek it.

It is..


The Infinity Sword here is a powerful greatsword that deals fire damage, but has some unique effects. The sword can be found in the Aetherium Forge, embedded in one of the rocks floating out in the magma, or in Labyrinthian if you use the Vanilla edition.

To get it, you'll of course need to get to the Aetherium Forge first, which requires you to do the Lost to the Ages questline. Said questline is started by reading the book titled 'The Aetherium Wars'. Getting to the sword itself is a different story, though, since you have to traverse the searing molten rock. Using Become Ethereal is invaluable for this, but ya gotta be quick.

For the Vanilla version, to fetch it you'll need to venture into Labyrinthian, which means you'll have to go through the College of Winterhold questline. As of 2.0 the sword is no longer in the same room as Morokei; Instead, it's been relocated to the chamber where you square off with Ancano's thug.

When equipped, the Sword grants you a high resistance to fire (And some to frost as well, 'cause frost ain't got nothin' on it) as well as a bit of health regen. On top of this, as long as the sword is equipped, fire-based attacks will do less damage to you, while your fire-based attacks will do more damage. Those you hit with the sword will suffer in its flames.

The unique thing about the Infinity Sword, though, is that you're not restricted to melee swingings. Have a problem with some jag-off archer pecking you with arrows? Make that jerk fly by doing a horizontal power attack, which will launch a fireball from the sword and send it speeding toward your target, where it will detonate with a great blast of fire and toss that SOB into Secunda. Surrounded by a lot of opponents and you need some breathing room? Do a vertical power attack, which will create a powerful explosion centered on you and send your opponents reeling, so you can belt them across the face while they burn to death. The sword can also be particularly devastating to dragons, but under special circumstances that I'll mention below. Of course, that requires you to actually get into melee with one.

On top of all that I've mentioned so far, the sword now can be powered up. If you're hit enough times by fire-based attacks, the sword will get supercharged. When this happens, you can launch a fire WAVE that detonates with much greater force than the standard fireball, and the localized explosion becomes more powerful too. However, performing the power attacks will use up the charge, so use them wisely. Also, while it's powered up, the Infinity Sword will burn your foes into a pile of ash, save for Dwarven automatons, which will MELT. Dragons will also be adversely affected by the sword in this state. This doesn't affect the power level. Please note, these effects only apply to version 2.0 of the mod

The sword is 2-handed when you find it, but if your expertise lies with 1-handed, no problem. You can take the Infinity Sword to a smelter and switch it into a 1-handed sword without needing any ingots, materials or perks to do so. The sword can also be tempered, requiring an ebony ingot and some fire salts to soup it up.

This mod is still a work in progress, there's a lot I wanna do with it (as mentioned below in the Future Plans section) but even so in its current state it's perfectly playable.

Known Issues



Because of the number of changes to scripts and such in 2.0, if you're updating it's recommended to do the following:

1. Before installing, if you already have the sword be sure to put it into a container. DO NOT open the container until you're done updating.

2. After doing Step 1, save your game in a new slot and quit the game.

3. Unset the mod in whatever you use to organize your mods, and delete the BSA and .esp from the Data folder, as well as the mod's scripts form the Scripts folder if you extracted them from the BSA. If you use Wrye Bash, don't open it back up until you've finished step 5.

4. Open up Skyrim and load the save you made in Step 2. Wait for a minute or two real-time before making another new save in a new slot, then quit.

5. Install the new version of the mod and activate it.

6. Open up Skyrim and load the save you made in Step 4. Check the container you stored the sword in. If the sword's there, you're good to go! If it's not, use the console command "help infinity" (without quotes). If nothing comes up and you've made certain you typed it correctly, the mod's most likley inactive, so in that case quit without saving and make sure the mod's been activated. If all goes well and you see several things listed, including both versions of the sword, then you can either use the console to re-add the sword to your inventory, or you can venture back to the Aetherium Forge to retrieve the copy there.

Future Plans

•Add weapon variants (after all, this is a shapeshifting weapon) The plan is to have a war axe, a battle axe, mace, dagger, shortsword, warhammer, and bow versions, which you can use an ability (or several) to switch to.

•Build a quest for the sword. I have one drafted out, but I lack the expertise to make a complex quest.

•Additional abilities: Summonable armor, devastating rain of fire (maybe?), fire damage heals you (NO idea how that would be done)

•Summonable NPC ally: Ulf, the soul of the sword. He's already in there, but you can only console him in as of right now, and all he does is just stand there being tall.

•A new shout, as well as making the sword enhance fire damage done by both shouts and fire spells

•An ability to call up a second sword, just in case you wanna dual wield them and cause even MORE destruction.

•Maybe adjust the rumble its got while drawn to be more volcanic. Rather than a steady rumble I'm thinking more like a bass throb.


The animations my character's using are from the Mystic Knight animation replacer, which can be found here:

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Oh, hey, I have a Discord Server now! Stop on by for general nonsense and maybe sneak-peeks. :3