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This mod will speed up your speechcraft skill leveling. No scripts.

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Ever thought that it is just taking waaaaay tooooo loooong to level up speechcraft? It was very difficult for me and usually it was the last skill I got to 100. Now with Legendary perk reset I was nearly crying :P So because of that and because of a request by TNU I am presenting D13 Faster speechcraft mastery to speed up the process.

This mod will speed up your speechcraft skill leveling. You have a few options so you can choose if you want it to be 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10 or 100 times faster depending which option you will choose because I believe that everyone has a different taste :P AND this mod has no scripts :)

The video bellow is showing the differences in experience gained using different esps on speech checks outside the Whiterun. Please bare in mind that that persuasion check is Easy level and it is the second lowest experience gain possible.

To do:
Learn how to make MCM menus. I can really appreciate any help in this matter :)

If you have any requests for skill leveling you would like to speed up let me know ;)

Much Love D13
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