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Included in Relics of Hyrule

This mod is no longer supported because of its inclusion in Relics of Hyrule.
Updates are very unlikely.


The biped hat mesh is by alteredtheBeast from his Link mod:
While the ground version is by Tyen:

The hats DO work on beast races! They look a little funny on Argonians, though. Just a little.

There's also a Heavy Armor version, a mod I'm very proud of.

Now, before you criticize the scarf, keep in mind that the armors are based on the Stormcloak armor, which has a scarf. I ca'n't change it, so don't ask.

This mod is the result of a week's worth of texture work, building from scratch the textures of a set of armor based on Link's many tunics, while still keeping some bits of the realism of Skyrim.
There are still flaws, particularly in the mesh of the female tunics: the pant legs are too low and clip through nearly every boot in the game.

If anyone can fix the mesh for the female stormcloak armor, that would be amazingly helpful, not only to me, but to the whole community. At this point, the female stormcloak armor clips through any boots other than fur, and it looks horrendous. With light textures like the pants of these tunics, the pants are very visible. Wtih dark textures as on the normal Stormcloak armor, it is not as obvious, but still frustrating.


The Kokiri Tunic (simply called Hero's Clothes) as well as the boots and gauntlets can be found in a chest in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the room with the word wall, on a bank of the creek that runs through the room.

The Zora Tunic can be found in a chest in Ustengrav, near the word wall, behind the waterfall.

The Goron Tunic can be found in a chest in Sky Haven Temple, in the room containing Dragonbane.

All three chests containing the tunics are locked with a Master level lock.

The Kokiri Tunic and Hero's Gauntlets and Hero's Boots are equal to Elven armor.
The Zora Tunic is a little weaker, but allows the wearer to breathe under water. It also offers some resistance to frost magic.
The Goron Tunic is even weaker, but makes the wearer immune to flames.

All tunics can be improved with Moonstone ingots (they all have a suit of chainmail under them made of moonstone), while the boots and gauntlets can be improved with leather.

Extra Tunics are also available, under Optional Files:

Yeti Tunic: immune to frost, found in Frostflow Abyss
Woodfall Tunic: immune to poison and disease, found in Dead Men's Respite
Lanayru Tunic: immune to shock, found in Avanchnzel and Raldbthar
Ikana Tunic: immune to magic, found in Rannveig's Fast
Dark Tunic: fortifies sneak, conjuration, destruction, restoration and magicka regeneration. Found in Angarvunde.
Sheikah Tunic: Fortifies sneak, illustion, alteration and damage resistance. Found in Hag's End

The Zora Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Slaughterfish scales.
The Goron Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Fire Salts.
The Lanayru Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Void Salts.
The Yeti Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Frost Salts.
The Woodfall Tunic has additional tempering requirement of Nightshade and Deathbell.
The Ikana Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Nirnroot.
The Dark Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Jazbay Grapes.
The Sheikah Tunic has the additional tempering requirement of Frost Mirriam.


Future plans:
Renaming Sheikah Tunic to Blue Ring Tunic
Fixing Hero's Gauntlets? Are they broken? I dunno.
Dragonborn version
Integrating extra tunics into main mod file
Modifying locations of keys to be simpler, like they are in Relics of Hyrule