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"Listen carefully... This was once the land where the power of the gods was said to slumber. This was once the kingdom of Hyrule. But that blessed kingdom has been transformed by the king that rules the twilight... It has been turned into a world of shadows, ruled by creatures who shun the light.

"The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them... But the hero did not appear... Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing, but appeal to the gods. In their last hour, as doom drew near, they left their future in the hands of fate. What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know."

These are the relics of Hyrule, the shards of an age long forgotten, the remnants of a civilization older than the Dwemer. So old that it was a myth during their time, and little evidence of the civilization remains. All that remain are artifacts: weapons, armor, magic.

My philosophy is that a Skyrim mod should respect the core game, rather than using it as a platform to remake another. The Relics of Hyrule also reimagine and frame the tragic beauty of Hyrule and Termina in the harsh landscapes of Skyrim and Solstheim.
Instead of just adding items from Zelda, I link them to the world as though they have always been in Skyrim, through lore and secrets.
It's designed such that you find the relics by playing Skyrim. There are no quests that guide you, only rumors and forgotten myths (unless you read the Information Guide, of course). This is intentional, as an homage to how games used to be. The original Legend of Zelda did not hold your hand.

In short, Relics of Hyrule is a large mod that adds scores of new weapons, spells, enchantments, enemies, NPCs, dungeons, and experiences that are (hopefully) balanced with the base Skyrim game, while connecting Zelda lore to Elder Scrolls lore as a bit of fun that gained a little too much momentum. There are no new quests, new lands, or dialogue.

This mod has over 500 endorsements!
To celebrate 500 endorsements, I'll adding more progress of Version 6.0
Thank you all very much, and there is much more to come!

And HUGE thanks to ZeldaInformer, who wrote this amazing review of the mod:
Click this link to read it. It''s so nice.
Also to for reporting on version 5.23:
In this post that you can read by clicking these words.

Here's a video review by HiroStormwolf!

This is the first review video I've seen anyone make of Relics of Hyrule, and even better the mod was requested by one of his viewers!

Finally, here's a video explaining how to navigate this page and install the mod:

Relics of Hyrule runs on SKSE 1.7.1. This might cause problems if you aren't running that version of SKSE.
If you are using NMM, DO NOT overwrite when you're installing. This will uninstall the core and leave you without textures and meshes!
If you're using SkyRE, Load Relics of Hyrule FIRST.

Imbued Weapons should be compatible as long as you don't run the spell with the True Master Sword, Deep Corrupt Master Sword, Fierce Deity's Sword, True Four Sword, True Noble Sword or True Phantom Sword. Even then the worst that would happen is two different effects at once. But it spoils the natural effects of these weapons.

You don't need to run multiple updates. Each update includes the ones before it.
RelicsofHyruleDragonborn requires BOTH major DLCs.

Also, look at the FAQ in the Forums tab!

I read every comment, and do my best to respond.
Before you comment, please read some of the FAQ in the Forums tab.
Also, if you want to make a request, by all means do, but please check the Item List/Video Index before you make a request.
I don't want you to waste your time asking for something you already have.
This may be nit-picking on my part, but also please avoid using the phrase "you should" when suggesting something for the mod. It comes
across as a command, rather than a suggestion.
Be honest in your comments. Be clear. I have received far too much negative, nit-picking, misguided criticism on my work to be able to read sarcasm in text.
So if you're "just messing with me," I will not get it, and I will respond tersely and defensively.
Joke if you want, but for the love of Azura, make your jokes clear.
I do not take harassment lightly. As Mike Rugnetta said, "Making things does not mean you sign up to be harassed. Criticized, sure, but not harassed. I don't think one excuses the other."

Please don't post this mod on other sites. Especially not without my name attached to it. I've worked countless hours on this mod, so I don't want someone else taking the credit, and I don't want to be blamed if someone downloads an unauthorized version filled with viruses and text files that say nothing but "Bad Wolf."

Oh, and please at least read some of the FAQ in the Forums Tab before you comment. Have I mentioned that?
Also look at the Item List in the Forums tab and the images tab for information on what is in the mod.

(If you're just updating, skip to 5)
1. Install SKSE Without it, everything might be invisible. So unless you want needlessly hard mode...

2. Download the CORE first and if you're using NMM, never overwrite it.

3. Open Wrye Bash or another mod organizer like the Skyrim Launcher's Data Files menu and look for the Relics of Hyrule ESP files.

4. ONLY ENABLE ONE ESP! Deactivate the two .esp files you will not be using and place the remaining .esp as low as possible in your load order, above any Bashed Patches, Dual Sheath Redux Patches, SkyProc Patches or SkyRE if you use that.

The names of the esp files are a little confusing, I'll admit. To decide which file to use, follow this guide:

If you have no DLC, only activate "RelicsofHyrule.esp"
If you have only Dawnguard, activate "RelicsofHyruleDawnguard.esp"
If you have only Dragonborn, activate "RelicsofHyrule.esp"
If you have Dawnguard AND Dragonborn, activate "RelicsofHyruleDragonborn.esp"
If you have all three DLC, activate "RelicsofHyruleDragonborn.esp"

I know it's confusing that the Dragonborn version requires two DLC. Unfortunately that's a result of my lack of foresight and the name cannot be changed. Doing so would break everything.

The Core file includes most of the necessary meshes, textures, sounds and scripts, while the update includes new meshes, textures, sounds and scripts and an updated .esp file to tell Skyrim what those things are for.

WARNING! Be careful when updating to the Dragonborn version. It very likely will remove all of your Relics of Hyrule items, so follow the video in the installation section of this description to ease the transition.

If you're here from my standalone mods, be sure to look at the transition instructions at the bottom of the description.

5. Updating:
Download and install the newest Update from the Updates section of the Files Tab.
If you use NMM and are installing an update, make sure you select "No" when asked if you would like to uninstall or overwrite the original. Otherwise things will break.

The latest update includes ALL previous updates up to the number of the core.
For instance, if the core is 4.15, and the update is 4.22, the update includes 4.22, 4.21, 4.2, and so forth all the way to 4.16.
Only use ONE version and play with only ONE .esp file active!
If you're using the RelicsofHyruleDragonborn.esp, only install Legendary updates. Running multiple versions will make duplicates of items and might crash the game.

You also shouldn't have to start a new save if you're updating the mod. The worst thing that could happen is maybe two pairs of Hover Boots exist. But you can give one to Serana or someone.

There are three versions: No-DLC (vanilla), Dawnguard, and Dragonborn+Dawnguard.
If you are updating from one of the other versions to the Dragonborn version, follow this video, or start a new save:

For minor updates, you do not need to reinstall the Core, only install the update.
Major updates rarely require a reinstallation of the Core, but these only occur when the updates become too large. I always provide a "transition" update for that.
Basically, when minor updates get too large, they get absorbed into the core.

There is an optional Hints.pdf available that details the locations of many lore-friendly hint books included in the mod. It is designed to guide you to the in-game hints, which will guide you to the items.
The Locations of Items.txt distributed with the mod explains the exact locations, if you want to bypass the lore.
A Quick Info .pdf is also available.

A written in-depth guide requires far too much time, so I will try to integrate the lore into the mod itself, through loading screens and books.

See sticky comment for information on future updates and progress.


The Terminan Forge is east of Rorikstead, and the Ancient Enchanter is in the Midden in the College of Winterhold. Those are important.

If for whatever reason your character never stops walking on water even if you are not wearing the Hover Boots, try entering one or both of these in the console:

player.setav waterwalking 0
player.setav waterwalking -1

Also! please report any issues with dyed Zora tunics, particularly on male followers.
Creation Kit has been giving me an error regarding missing textures on the dyed Zora Tunic, but I haven't been able to find where the problem comes from. All the textures seem to be linked properly.

FormIDs are different between Dawnguard and No-DLC (aka vanilla) versions and the Dragonborn version. Use the transition video to help if you are moving from one to the other, or replacing my standalone mods with this mod. There's also a special video for transitioning to Dragonborn.
See "Transitioning" at the bottom of this description.

This is a list of all the items in the mod

Some of these items are available in less refined standalone versions. Many of these are very different from the Relics of Hyrule equivalents:

Master Sword
Hylian Shield
Majora's Mask Hero's Shield
Kokiri Sword, Razor Sword and Gilded Sword
Fire, Ice & Light Arrows
Biggoron's Sword
Great Fairy's Sword
Megaton Hammer
Ocarina of Time Mirror Shield
Wind Waker Mirror Shield
Hover Boots
The Iron Boots
Golden & Silver Gauntlets
Golden Goddess Spells
Armor of Hyrule
Scout Armor of Hyrule
Majora's Mask is now included! The mod was made by Motch1391 and has been integrated with his permission with some modifications.
Standalone Mirror Shield of the Well coming eventually.
The Ordon Sword mesh by Kyim
Redeads and Stalfos

Diamond Armor Smithing by UberSmaug is what supplied the armor my Khajiit is wearing in one of the images.

If you have an idea for something you could include, you have my undivided attention!

But seriously, I am open to suggestions, but I do not do requests...or demands. I do not guarantee that anything will be included. I have to be excited about it in order for it to work.
Look at the Scout Armor for something that was made while I wasn't terribly excited about it.

This is my temple and it responds to my decree!

Not every item from Zelda can be made in Skyrim. I do what I can, as best as I can, in a way I can make work. Cool? cool.
Just so we're clear, here's a list of things that I have no intention of adding to Relics of Hyrule:
--Things I've already added. Look at the Forums tab for that list. Or if you're too lazy click this text
--Hookshot/Clawshot/Grappling Hook
(I am aware of the pull chain and Dwemer Buster mods, but the problem is how the Hookshot would have to be built in Skyrim. I've tried to work it out and only managed a steampunk fishing rod that barely resembled a Hookshot.)
--Ball & Chain
--Any Zelda dungeon (fire temple, Great Deku Tree, King JabuJabu's belly, etc.)
--Any Zelda character (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Anju, Kafei, Tingle, etc.)
--Any new race (Zora, Goron, Hylian, etc.)
--Any Zelda music
--Any re-created Zelda location (Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, Spirit Temple, the surface of Kakariko Village, etc.)


Firstly, I recommend placing Relics of Hyrule as low as possible in the load order.

If you are simply updating from the No DLC version to Dawnguard, you shouldn't have to do anything but install the Dawnguard version. If I've done things the right way...

To make the transition from my standalone mods to this one, watch the video just above the Housekeeping section. Or, better yet, click this text right here

Or in text form:
If you want to have an item like the Master Sword without having to find it and enchant it again, follow these instructions:

Step 1:
Make a list of items you don't want to have to find again, like the Master Sword or Majora's Mask. I suggest putting them in an empty chest so you can list them easily.

Step 2:
open the console and type
coc qasmoke

Step 3:
Walk through the testing room until you find a large hall filled with crafting equipment. The debug chest is at the very end of this hall, near a doorway that seems to lead nowhere.

Step 4:
Open the debug chest and take out the items you want.

You're done! yay!

This process DOES produce duplicates, however, so I recommend picking up the one from the mod (say, the Master Sword in Eldergleam Sanctuary or Ancestor Glade) as a backup. Unless you want to spit in the face of lore and have two.

If you want to just have one in the world, you can do that by going to the debug chest again and putting the duplicate inside.

You can also do this:

help "[name of duplicate item without brackets but in quotes]"

player.removeitem [code of item without brackets] 1

That will delete the item from your inventory.

I'm done now.


Vibrant scabbard textures for True Master Sword and True Noble Sword by DarkBlueLink, based on textures by Chief-01

Zora Sword based on this mesh by standalone09:

Darknut Battlesword by Overmind5000

Hylian Shield, Hero's Bow, Wind Waker Mirror Shield, Fierce Diety's Sword, Noble Sword, and Master Sword:

Based on Chief-01's meshes:

Converted to Skyrim by CaptainRC (Hylian Shield and Master Sword) and DMagnus

Hylian Shield Texture by me, using textures from

Terminan Shield:
The mesh of the Terminan shield is made by Tyen and used with his permission.
Based on the Hylian Shield from his Legend of Zelda mod:

Biggoron's Sword and Kokiri Sword:
Mesh by Christian of early CCRE for his Zelda Oot Equipment mod:

Converted to Skyrim by DMagnus

Ocarina of Time Mirror Shield mesh and texture by DMagnus

Majora's Mask by Motch1391
Keaton Mask by Motch1391

Pedestal of Time from the Return of a Hero mod

Ordon Sword by Kyim, originally from this mod:
Honed Ordon Sword by manndarin, originally from this mod:

Redead scream by studiorat:

Ocarina of Time model by Buckles

Deku Shield by an anonymous donor

The biped hat mesh is by alteredtheBeast from his Link mod:

While the ground version is by Tyen:

Some enchantments based on work by J3X:

Thanks to Technocolt for the Skyward Strike script and to DMagnus for assistance with implementing it.

Thanks to HylianWolf64 for the idea to put the debug chest in QAsmoke, which is much easier than my original setup.

Magic Sword and True Four Sword donated by SatoshiKura

Zelda's Sword, Golden Mirror Shield, Wind Waker by fcp078

Oblivion Gates resources from here:

Poems by
Walt Whitman
Emily Bronte
Lewis Carroll
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
H.P. Lovecraft
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Edgar Allan Poe
Robert Browning
Robert Frost

Quotes from
Ray Bradbury
J.R.R. Tolkien
loads of Zelda games
King's Quest VI
Doctor Who