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A simple mod that will improve the appearance of many NPCs (and your character too). Hand-made high-quality VANILLA hair texture replacer (HD-2K) with natural shine for realistic look. 100% Lore-Friendly.

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Superior Lore-Friendly Hair (SLF-Hair)
This is a simple mod that can improve the appearance of many NPCs in the game and your character as well. Superior Lore Friendly Hair is a texture replacer for vanilla hair - meaning, it doesn't need any esp nor it will not install new hairstyles to the game - it will just change the appearance of vanilla hair. Therefore, it will not have a big performance impact and, best of all, it will be automatically applied by the game to many NPCs.

SLF-Hair is unique among other vanilla hair replacers as it is the first one to actually improve on the texture's alpha channel to make the actual fine hair strands appear - ON VANILLA HAIR! Also, the normal map is improved to give hair a natural shine (looks really good when used with ENB).

- True High Defintion quality (2k)
- 100% Hand-made ultra-fine hair texture
- 100% Lore-friendly
- Enhanced Normal map for better "3D look" and shine
- Improved the alpha channel to make fine hair strands appear and for transparency effect
- Recolored with gradient tones for realistic look especially under good light
- Enhanced hair accessories textures
- Will affect only hairstyles that use the texture "" (by my estimate, it is used by 90% of humanoid NPCs)
- No performance impact, no esp, and no incompatibilities

- "Rough" version of SLF Hair - with completely new hand-made textures
- Closer to vanilla hair in appearance and tones but with fine details and high quality
- Uncompressed Normal Maps for clear detail even at 1K!
- Colors matched with vanilla facial hair
- Specularity neutralized (for less shiny "rough" look)
- Even more realistic and lore friendly than before!

Extract the archive contents into your Skyrim data folder, overwrite the files when prompted.

Version 2.0 "Rough Hair" Images:

Version Update Log:
Version 2.0 - "Rough Version" of SLF Hair
VERSION 1.11 - "Straight" Hair HD-2K
* Fixed minor Alpha Channel issues
* Enhanced the Normal map to emphasize individual hair strand detail
* Refined toning
* Cleaned up and Improved hair texture details
* changed some accessory textures
Version 1.12 - "Straight" Hair Lite 1K
Optional v1.11a "Straight" Hair HD-2k - Less saturated (New Texture)
Optional v1.11b "Straight" Hair HD-2k - Less Shiny Normal Map
Optional v1.12a "Straight" Hair Lite - Less saturated
Optional v1.12b "Straight" Hair Lite - with Less Shiny

You may not upload this mod to any other site other than NEXUS
You may not use this mod (or modify it) for your own mods without permission from the author.


Videos by Hodilton (left) and Brodual (right)

Install guide in French (En Fran├žais: Instructions pour l'installation par TheJacobisproChannel) AND Best 100 mods by Gruntlock

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