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  1. kellyhusky
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    I'm trying to add this in, and everything is working perfectly for me except for the display case. I'm getting the exclemation point and the texture list just has Marker-error:0 in the list. Everything else is in the correct place. What am I missing?
  2. kevkiev
    • premium
    • 3,587 posts
    • 89 kudos
    Fantastic, thanks.
  3. AndreeaA
    • supporter
    • 518 posts
    • 128 kudos
    Loved it, used it! Lakeview. Manor - as it should be
    Thank you!
  4. NexBeth
    • premium
    • 959 posts
    • 22 kudos
    Can someone give me the snap to grid number for getting the tables to align? I have always struggled with this mod getting the tables to align properly.
    1. dwcool62
      • supporter
      • 331 posts
      • 58 kudos
      16 on grid and 45 on angle works good for me
    2. NexBeth
      • premium
      • 959 posts
      • 22 kudos
  5. calthrop
    • member
    • 713 posts
    • 131 kudos
    I've been trying to update these meshes for SE and was looking to see if anyone can offer a helping hand. I can get them to display in the new CK but cells where I place them crash when trying to load them in-game. Nif optimizer doesn't seem to do the trick.

    Thanks in advance for any help : )
    1. NexBeth
      • premium
      • 959 posts
      • 22 kudos
      Try not using nif optimizer. Revert back to the original nif and open in Nifskope 2.0.0. Choose Spells/Add Tangent Spaces & Update, then save. Hopefully, that will work. I got it to work in SSE. It may actually be another skyrim nif you used. You have to be careful, because not all nifs work with the nif optimizer.
  6. Mannenyuki
    • premium
    • 639 posts
    • 144 kudos
    Thanks so much for these tables and crafting stations. I've used them in my mod, Winterhold Restored.
  7. redmanda
    • member
    • 130 posts
    • 1 kudos
    For some reason I'm getting red exclamation marks for these parts even though they're in the correct folder. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

    EDIT: Nvm, found an awesome explanation for this in one of the forum posts. Thanks for the amazing assets!
  8. hard8
    • premium
    • 2,089 posts
    • 12 kudos
    can you add these by console command like player.placeatme <BaseID> <#> ????
    1. Homercide
      • premium
      • 734 posts
      • 104 kudos
      No, this contains mesh files only.
  9. tueffelachtein
    • member
    • 22 posts
    • 25 kudos
    Update 1.1
    Featuring a Display Case and Glass Doors for the Crafting Table.
    Also a Two-Handed version of the Weapon Rack Clutter.
    I also modified the Scrolls and Crafting Clutter a tiny bit, so it does'nt clip with the new Doors.
    1. gandaganza
      • member
      • 540 posts
      • 63 kudos
      Thank you!!!
    2. Ithlia
      • supporter
      • 1,494 posts
      • 210 kudos
      I'm busy adding this to my new mod and it all fits together so beautifully. This deserves a lot more endorsements. If I could endorse again I would. Many thanks for sharing.
    3. NexBeth
      • premium
      • 959 posts
      • 22 kudos
      Hello, want to very much use this in my mod but have a question. Does the glass door you mention here activate? Meaning I can open the door and place stuff inside the table?
  10. BenDelat
    • supporter
    • 166 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Gah I've been looking for this, awesome, thanks XD