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High Quality (subjective), Low Performance Cost. SweetFX Preset for CoT+RLO/ELFX or Vanilla.

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::View Screenshots Below::

CoT + RLO Preset Screenshots
These ones only have CoT (Night Level 5), RLO and the HD DLC in them with Lanterns of Skyrim (CoT Night Level Default Preset)

Vanilla Preset Screenshots
These ones only have the HD DLC in them with Lanterns of Skyrim (Default Preset)


Removed custom night level for CoT. Instead, use this: By the Light of the Moon - Lost in the Dark


I tried using ENB's many times and every time I got that horrible FPS drop, even when I used the lower settings and cut my textures in half. Frankly I think the performance hit is ridiculous, especially when I came across SweetFX (which, to be fair, was because of an ENB I was using).

I was so surprised at how good I could get my game to look with virtually no performance hit, also at how easy it was to configure.

So this is my preset that I use with CoT + RLO. It utilizes the low cost SMAA along with Lumasharpening. This means you can use slightly lower res textures but still see crisp quality in your game. Lumasharpening, however has an unfortunate side effect (for now) that can cancel out the SMAA a bit, so I use the games FXAA on top of SweetFX to soften the edges. I also use Dynavision on the static setting on level 9-1.0 to soften the horizon a bit.

It also makes the colors more vibrant but not overly saturated. Combined with CoT and RLO, the environment becomes more crisp, clear and colorful.

There is another mod that makes the sun bigger called: Bigger Better Sun found here:
I use this to make the sun more like, well the sun. I always thought it was odd that the sun was so dull and you could look at it without the screen becoming bright. This, along with the bloom and HDR in my preset, actually provides a bit of realism because it makes it harder to see anything else when you look at the sun.

Mods used in the these three screenshots:
Dynavision - On Static set to 1.0
Bigger Better Sun
And CoT+RLO (Night Level 5)


1 Get SweetFX here:
2 Install it to your Skyrim folder.
3 Copy my Preset over the top.
4 Play!

You can see the difference straight away but if you really want to see how bad it was before, hit scroll lock on your keyboard to see the difference with it on/off.

Remember, if you want to tweak something, you can, it's super easy. Different monitors will show different results. I'm using an ASUS monitor with the dreadful "Splendid" profiles so I can't really calibrate it.

Keep in mind there are some things that SweetFX just can not do. Sun rays for instance. With an ENB, the sun rays setting not only adds the nice sun rays, but also changes the intensity of the sun. I use Bigger Better Sun to make my sun brighter, the preset can only do so much before it ends up making everything else too bright as well.
If I could get an ENB that would just do sun rays and detailed shadows without the performance hit, I would add it to this but I just don't know how to do it.


::My other Uploads::
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jjc71 for Climates of Tamriel
Gopher for Dynavision
Skyrimaguas for Bigger Better Sun
mannygt for Lanterns of Skyrim
CeeJay for SweetFX
terra (I think) for the SweetFX Configurator found here:
Bethesda for Skyrim
Google Chrome Spell Checker >_<