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Plays animations when pulling levers, chains, searching chests, dead bodies and more.

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This mod aims to make Skyrim more immersive friendly by adding animations to interactive objects instead of just magically opening chests and doors and more things without any animation from the player. To sum it up, when you open a door, you actually open a door instead of making it opening by itself, when you pull a chain or a lever, you pull the chain and lever, it don't move by itself now. Adds a very immersive experience by giving physical interactions with all the objects listed below.

Mod dynamically adds scripts on objects you are using and should not cause any conflicts.
May cause conflicts with "Harvesting animation" by Genebris and "Dovahkiin Prayers" by Praveen.

Let me know if there are any problems with mod, and if there are any animations incorrect or missed interactions.

For V1.6+: SkyUI with MCM support

-Added working MCM
-and few fixes
-(animations with weapon unsheathed and "Hide weapon" in MCM unchecked not triggering)

-Added Doomstones to shrine animation
-Tablets on the way to High Hrothgar
-Corrected some animations
-Animation won't be played in 1st person view or while sneaking

-Shrines (different animation from "Dovahkiin Prayers" mod)
-Covered missing activators
-Corrected some animations

-Picking up items

-Dead bodies

-Doors (also locked)
-Chests (also locked)

-Everything I forgot to add (let me know if you find anything)
-Different animation when picking items from the ground (I tried and I failed, looking for help)
-Delaying opening menus for lockpicking and containers (I tried and I failed, looking for help)
-Delaying door opening (I tried and I failed, looking for help)
-Maybe replacing floor levers and chains with furniture for better animations

We should thank Genebriss for his mod
Gave inspiration and resources to work on my mod.