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Added: 18/05/2013 - 02:25AM
Updated: 27/11/2016 - 11:07PM

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Last updated at 23:07, 27 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 2:25, 18 May 2013

From the ritualized bonewalkers of Morrowind to the decaying zombies of Oblivion, zombies are monstrosities. Skyrim introduced actual reanimation, a very interesting gameplay mechanic, but it causes the zombies to lose the appearance of being undead. This mod returns that undead-ness by giving all reanimated zombies a unique visual effect; perfect for conjurers, and necromancer hunters alike!

Binding your soul to a corpse--giving it life and movement--puts a strain it, eventually destroying the body, leaving only ash. Now this strain is immediately visible dissolving the tissue, giving zombies more visual variety and a more undead appearance.

-Adds a dissolving skin and eye-glow effect to all reanimated NPCs;
-Further degradtion over time, and when the same body is reanimated several times
-Customizeable amounts of degredation

-Unique skelton meshes for non-human zombies (Thanks to PROMETHEUS_ts for the meshes)
-Affects all Reanimated Undead, including those raised by other NPCs and by non-vanilla spells
-Diverse disintegration patterns create visual variety
-A craftable Amulet can be used to give the player the FX

-MCM Support for FX customization

-Workshop version: (
There are no DLC or other requirements However:

Some features are customized using the Mod Configuration Menu, which is only available with SkyUI:

This mod is one of many that will cause the 'brawl bug', so it is recommended you download the brawl bug patch:

It is always recommmended to properly deactivate this mod when removing from the load order:

Either set the FX status to 'Disabled' in the MCM,
Use the console command 'Set USEnableFX to 0'

After waiting a few minutes, to be sure it's fully disabled, it is safe to save your game and remove this mod from the load order

The brawl bug will occur when doing brawls;
either download the 'brawl bug patch', or disable the Player Cloak (via the MCM or console command 'set USUsePlayerCloak to 0') for the duration of the brawl

If you find any bugs, be sure to make a comment and tell me, so I can fix it as fast as possible, and please be specific; what reanimation spell you used, what other mods you are using, what was happening when the bug happened, and whatever other information you have is all useful

Update Details
-Finalized Eye-Glow Effects
-Fixed FX 'Flickering' Bug
-Disabling FX Now completely removes FX and related spell from NPCs
-various changes, optimizations

-Removed changes to 'Dark Souls'; shouldn't be any major incompatibilities anymore
-Add dynamic degredation:
-A period of time After initial reanimation, the zombie will degrade further, and will continue to do so at regular intervals, if they are reanimated by a spell that causes total disintigration on death
-Corpses reanimated more than once(e.g. thralls) will degrade further each time they are reanimated
-FX added to all corpses that are reanimated, such as those reanimated through scripts
-FX should now work with True Necromancy thralls
-All spells can no longer be reflected/absorbed
-Mod Configuration Menu added
-FX added to enchantment, craftable with an unfilled black soul gem, or gainable through the MCM
-Disintegration "lead-in" is now part of a seperate FX, will no longer play when the FX is reapplied

-Dissolve FX will remain on corpses which are left over (such as thralls, or zombies summoned by the ritual stone power)
-Added version of the FX that will work on player
(type >, with whatever code ID it gives you)

-All FX are now treated as an ability, rather than some as a concentration spell
-Undead-Dissolve-FX will re-apply if a spell is cast on the Undead
-Underskin will automatically re-equip if it becomes unequipped

- Fixed the FX-script, so that "cleanup" when the effect ends actually happens
- Removed the check for "MagicSummonUndead" keyword; should now work with thralls, soul tear, and other non- disintegrate-on-death zombies
- Cleaned up the condition checks in general
- Added FX application via "perk" (a 'behind the scenes' perk, using one of skyrims built-in perk archetypes)(check above section for details on maintaining combatibilty)
- Mad various Parts toggleable via console commands

Future Plans: polish glowing eye FX, and add "meat underskin"

PROMETHEUS -- Big Thanks for permission to use beast skeleton models

Sorrien -- Thank you for keeping me updated on compatibility and for your patch (and for making it so quickly)

Brodual and svaalbard -- doing video features of my mod

TonyCubed2 -- Using my FX in his mod Sands of Time/Way of the Dovahkiin
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