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Pack of Weapons that compliment Nimezi's Hunting Grounds Outfit.

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Mod Requires Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and the original Hunting Grounds Armor.

I finally got permission from DJojjo to use his Nordic Crossbow mesh so it is being incorporated in And with this I think it should complete the full hunting Grounds Weapon set.

I love Nimezi's Hunting Grounds outfit. It was always amazing to me. But I knew something was missing with it. I then figured it out, it was a weapon. I orignally created and released a set of bow and arrows using the Nordic Bow and Nordic Arrows Mesh. I continued along with this same theme for a dagger, a 1 handed sword and a 1 handed war axe.

I also have added enchanted versions of the weapons. The enchanted versions all have the same enchantment The weapons are many times more effective against animals. Also the enchanted versions are probably a little overpowered for lower difficulties, If you play Skyrim on Legendary they should be right at the middle ground.

For this to work YOU NEED NIMEZI'S Hunting grounds Armorv 2.0 installed Make sure it's that exact version!!!

Install it first, then install my mod. Have my ESP file overwrite Nimezi's.

It's best to use NMM for this I highly recommend using it.

Compatibility: Compatible with Dual Sheath Redux.

Enjoy Everyone!