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One of my finest works so far. This is an high quality, lore-friendly retexture of the Red Mage Robes (color variant 4). Includes new decorations, new shading, and many new details. Hood and Robes are both 2048x2048.

Permissions and credits

This is a texture replacer, so it will only replace your current textures once installed, nothing more, nothing less.

This retexture is suitable for any long robe mesh adaptation, CBBE, UNP, UNPB, UNPC, UNPS, 7Base, DreamGirl SoS, SAM, as long as they're not skimpy version, if they are skimpy, there's a fairly good chance the textures might get cut here and there and look out of place.
If you have skimpy meshes installed and want to use these robes, I suggest installing either exeter's or calientes' adaptation.
Also compatible with high poli meshes (why wouldn't they be, uh?).

Overwrite if asked.

More Informations:

Now, the Red Robes:
In vanilla Skyrim the so called "red robes" are actually plain white bathrobes with red-brownish trim and  red-brownish hood. Time to change that:

The general idea was to change the red robes into somewhat like the pyromancer robes while keeping them believable as the face sculptur's robes.


Halofarm's Poser.

GomaPeroPero's Poser.

Bethesda, because Skyrim.[/i][/b][/center]

A message to:

Mi. Gr. , Ti. Lo. , Angrylock ,
vintagelf , Ge. Jo. Ry. , Da. Ta.

Thank you for your donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated it. (:

I'd love to add donators to the credits to show my appreciation, problem being through Paypal I can only see your name, not the username, so PM me if you'd like to be added!


Please do not redistribute or edit this file without my approval.

You are free to showcase this file in YouTube videos.

Thank you for downloading!