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This Weather & Lighting overaul is made of three party: Vividian ENB (wich is compatible with Vivid Weathers, CoT 5.0, Pure weather, Purity, RCRN, ELFX, ELE, NLA and more) to enhance your visual experience. (Vivid & Vanilla editions). The second part is the Extended Weathers mod wich adds faster cloud movements, Groundfogs and Vivid clouds

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Vividian - Weather & Lighting enhancement
Vanilla, Vivid Weathers, CoT 5,  RCRN, Pure Weather, NLA, Purity compatible

Please join and support us

Before you start, have a look how your actual Weather/Water/Lighting combination will look with vividian:

Featured by: Chris HPZ, Gamer Poets , Sleggo and Hodilton

Featured On S.T.E.P. - Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition

This Weather and Lighting Suite was made to enhance every aspect of Skyrim concerning
Weather, Lighting, Fogs, Clouds and Colors. It comes with following parts:

Vividian ENB
The general solution for a better Color, effect and Weather experience. (have a look at the features)
It is fully compatible (build around it) with Vanilla, COT 5.0, Purity, RCRN, Pure weather and NLA as well with all of their weathers.

Vivid Clouds & Fogs
This optional download replaces all Vanilla & COT Clouds against highres, high quality ENB compatible clouds.
It replaces fogs, steams, groundfogs, smoke and sprays aswell against high quality ones that are made from scratch.

Extended Weathers:
The extended Weather systems are part of the vivid CLouds & Fogs comes as two mods:
Extended Groundfogs - will add a masive ammount of Fog and cloud effects on all weathers. It will render large distant clouds 
that pass through the mountains as well as add new fog effects to foggy weathers!

Windy Clouds - will speed up the Cloud speed in general so they are more livley. Especially nice with enb Cloudshadows!
If you want to use both effects choose the "Extended Weathers" in the installer according to your installed weather mod.

Real Skyrim Snowflakes - Vivid Snow

Real Skyrim Snowflakes differs from almost any other snowflake mod out there. It removes the fake Skyrim snow particle
system from the weathers and adds in-world snow particle systems. That way, snow gets lit by light sources and effect lighting!
It dramatically increases the feeling of snowy days & nights that way!It also includes a fix for the Day 1 vanilla bug that
visual effects disappear as soon the map was used! (thanks to mattiewagg for the script!)

Please always have a look at the Beta Files Section for recent fixed and updates.
1. This mod is intend to use High Quality presets. You will NEED a good Graphicscard for this!
The Main Files Install is set for best balance between performance and quality. You can use the optional

"Vividian ENB - High Quality Version" for Higher Quality with a slight fps hit or

the Perfromance version if you care more about speed than effects.

2. If you experience too much framedrop please refer to the stabilization and optimization guide article on this modpage.
3. It is compatible with all Interior lighting mods! Just choose your interior brightness accordinly to your taste.

Adds alot of Features and fixes to the game like:

- Always compatible with the latest ENB (0.305)
 - Supports Vivid Weathers

- Supports Climates of Tamriel 5.0 (no third party Weatherpatch needed anymore)

- Supports Pure Weather

- Supports RCRN

- Supports NLA
- Supports Purity
- Vivid clouds and Fogs (High Resolutions Clouds and fog replacement)

- Fixes wrong Climates of Tamriel distant-fog, Wrong colors and sky gradients

- Removes or enhances Exterior fog.

- Adds New Goundfog weathers

- Realtime Cloudshadows and Volumetric Sunrays! (requires ENB 0.241+ )

- Better lightning & shadows with vivid colors and effects

- Fully ELE, ELFX (without enhancer), Relight Skyrim and RLO (without weathers) compatible

- Includes over 50 refined weather conditions and all 500+ CoT Weathers

- Enhanced & Customized Sunrise, Sunset Fog and Rain weather conditions

- Adds custom Sunflares/glares to the Sun

- As addon you can have improved Cloudspeeds or more diversity of weathers per region

- Adds more realistic lighting to the Nights:

(clear sky = better Visiblity, Overcast, Rain or Fog = darker nights -- Seriousley don't go out in a Foggy night without torches! :))

- Enhances the water effects of Skyrim

- Various DoF effects to choose from

- Enhanced ENB Nighteye effects

- Higly Optimized Shaders (1 FPS Depth of Field)

- Highly Customizeable with the ENB Shader GUI for all effects.

- extra Shader features like Luma Sharpening, Dithering, Grain, Vibrance, Letterbox, Forst and Raindrops and much more!

A detailed Installation instruction can now be found here Made by Heisenn burgg

1. ENB Setup: Install The latest ENB to the Skyrim installation directory.
In short: you just need the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper directory.

Copy those two files to your skyrim Main Directory

2. Vividian 7.0 Main install:
1. Install The Vividian ENB files with your favorite Mod manager 

2. After the installation is completed the installer created a new Directory for you in

your Skyrim/Data folder called "Vividian ENB Install Files"

3. Copy all content from that Folder to your Skyrim Folder.

If you are using Mod Organizer you will find this folder in your:

modorganizer/mods/Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting Enhancement/ folder

3. Skyrimprefs.ini Please make sure you have all nessesary Skyrim Prefs set correctly in your skyrimprefs.ini







iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA

bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA



Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

Real Skyrim Snowflakes - Vivid Snow

Physical snow will be rendered in a certain Radius around the Player and normal Non physical snow is being used

for distant snow. Physical snow will react on all inworld objects and collides with them. This resoults in creating

a shelter effect as soon you are standing below a object. Physical snow though is EXPERIMENTAL. It will render alot

of Snow emitters and the quality of the effect strongly depends on your Rig and the ammount of heavy scripted mods

you already run with. As more laggy your scripts are as less script time there is to place snow emitters and as less

dense the physical snow will be. At the moment i do recommend it for screenshots and short term plays because

longterm Tests are still missing. Please have a look at the Bugs section for things that can occour.

1. This mod is not made for people who count every FPS or have a weak rig! It will render several thousands

of snow particles in front of you, so expect a FPS loss.

2. For Proper function you MUST change the iMaxDesired value in your skyrimprefs.ini [particles] section to at least 6000
(I personally recommend even 10000 but that depends on your Rig (GTX 670 here))

3. You need SKSE for the map weather fix to function properly!

4. This mod will start to make real sense when using a ENB, since the vanilla nights & particles in Skyrim are simply too bright for the

lighting effect to be seen well. Weather mods like PW / Purity help there.

5. ENB Particle settings now apply to the snow, so you must rely that the ENB author does sensible things to particles at night

Real Skyrim Snowflakes is compatible with Vanilla, Natural Lighting and Atmospherics, Pure Weather, Purity,

RCRN, Climates of Tamriel, Expanded Snow Systems , Supreme Storms, Weather Ambience Overaul.

Since True Storms does not include snow weathers, its naturally compatible ;)

0. Install Tes5Edit if you havent done so already. Here is a Video showing you how todo so:
Click me
0.5 If you do not have Tes5Edit or you do not have >=3.1.2 then download it from
1. Follow the installer Instruction or copy the content of the data folder into your skyrim/data folder.

1.5 When using Mod Organizer - right click in the Realistic Skyrim Snowflakes - Vivid snow mod entry in

your list and click on "open in explorer"

1.6 NMM users need to have a look into their Skyrim/Data Folder

2. Copy the content of the Edit Scripts Folder to your Tes5Edit/Edit Scripts/ folder. (replace mteFunctions.pas)

3. Put Vividsnow.esp at the end of your load order

4. Run Tes5edit and leave all checkmarks enabled so it loads up your whole modlist. - that will take a while.

5. Right click the VividSnow.esp and press Apply Script

6. Select in the upper part the "Real snowflakes Patcher" and press Ok. - It might ask you to add Masters to Vividsnow.esp,

confirm that.

The script will now scan your modlist and add all Weathers that will be changed by Vividsnows to the Vividsnow.esp.

When done, close Tes5edit and accept the request that it want to save the Vividsnow.esp

The installation is now complete. Please Notice that you need to redo this procedure from scratch as soon

you remove or add Weather mods.

Vividian Supports a bunch of other Weather and lighting mods but some things need to be taken care of:

Vivid Weathers

Choose the Vivid Weathers option in the Installer Menu. Do not choose Custom or Quickinstall! 

VANILLA  or Vanilla + COT USERS:
Please select the Vanilla Weather patch as install option during the install.

CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL USERS: (optional but recommended!)
If you are using
Climates of Tamriel please make sure you had it installed at Default values for night and interiors.
Uninstall any third party COT Weather patches (COT Weather patch by Prod80 is not needed anymore)

Install the Vividian COT Weather patch when asked in the Vividian Installer.

PURE WEATHER USERS: (optional - For manual install only)
Pure Weathers - Brighter nights!
Manual Installer: Use Main Files and required files (Weather patch) and "WEATHER - Pure Weather Edition" in "Special Editions" Folder

ELFX - Enhanced Lights & FX

Please do not install ELFX with the Enhancer!

RLO - Realistic Lighting Overaul

Please do not install RLO weathers!

Surpreme and Volumetric Fog

Please uninstall Surpreme and Volumetric fog. Use the Exteded groundfogs in the extended weathers instead.

RCRN USERS: Realistic Colors Realistic Nights 2.1.4 (optional)
1. Install Vividian with the RCRN Option

2. Install RCRN, it will recognise that a enb is installed and will change the enblocal.ini and d3d9.dll files accordingly.

Please set the enblocal.ini afterwards to this so the rcrn dll is disabled. Thos one adds extra shaders above the enb shaders

otherwise and thinsg will look strange.



If you are using ELFX:

Disable the Dragonborn DLC plugin of ELFX as well the exterior and enhancer esp's - they are not compatible with RCRN.

Also load ELFX after RCRN.

Mod Organizer users install guide can be found

Set Your RCRN settings in the customizer according to this  as a tweaking starting point.

A detailed description about the Load order can be found

A detailed Mod and install list for your Perfect Skyrim experience can be found at the
HOT Skyrim Landscapes Page

Those people made ENB what it is today and ofcourse their work is now included in it:

Boris Vorontsov - The creator of ENB

Matso - Shader functions

HeliosDoubleSix - more ENB Stuff

Kyokushinoyama - Lens FX Shader

Prod80 - Shaders and for answering millions of questions in tireless precision

Aiyen - Shaders and fx setup, and beeing a great support and inspiration

kingeric1992 - Frost and Rain shaders

Also check out my other mods!

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