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New, detailed version of the Necromancer robes worn by.. you know, necromancers.
New texture feature a different belt (chain-like), cooler sleeves, a different skull decoration and various decorative patterns all over the robes. Robes and hood are both 2048x2048

Permissions and credits

This is a texture replacer for the black or necromancer robes (Male and Female) featuring 2048x2048 textures for both the robes and the hood
Installation: Simply Unzip and copy the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Compatible with edited meshes for every body replacer. Be mindful that excessively skimpy meshes may distrupt the textures.
The .dds files should end up into Data/textures/clothes/necromancer or Data/textures/clothes/warlock

Overwrite if asked.

Robes of Vaermina
Black - The Warlock
Monk - Priest of the Divines
Green - The Bosmer Mage
Red - The Battlemage
Blue - Court Wizard
Brown - The Wandering Wizard
Grey - The Moth Priest
Necromancer Robes - The King of Worms

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More Informations:

This release includes two variants.

The King of Worms - The Black/Purple torn variant.

The Black Phoenix - The Black/Red un-torn variant.

I’ve always liked the vibe I see in most artworks about Mannimarco, the King Of Worms, from TESIV: Oblivion. That’s what I’m aiming at with the update. I want necromancers to look powerful mages, who have gone too far with the pursuing of knowledge, and eventually lost the concept of what’s good and what’s right.
This is why I made so many variants of it, and always ended up scrapping them, I’m just never happy with the result.I wanted a royal-looking layered black vest, trimmed in gold, ruined by the time, the endless wandering and hiding from society. I want it to
make people question how long this mage has been hiding and researching, and how magnificent he would have looked before he became a soulless monster driven by his thrist for knowledge.

Features over Vanilla

The new textures have overall improved overall visuals:

-Scrapped previous version.
-2k Textures,
-Completely re-made and recoloured (Black and Purple, black trims and gold details),
-General shading and 3d effects.
-Chain Belt,
-Added layered effects.
-A cloth-like pattern covers the robes in order to give it a more realistic feeling,
-Re-shaded/coloured to give a worn-like feeling,
-Added various ornaments and decorations,
-High resolution makes the texture very hard to deform.

- Tiered Gown
- Intricate pattens all over the robe.
- Cloth pattern overlay
- Re-did the belt from scratch
- Removed the skull, it's obvious enough that it's a necromancer robe.
- Darkened.
- Added skull pins/badges/thingies


Halofarm's Poser.
GomaPeroPero Poser.
Aloe's Poser.


Mi. Gr. , Ti. Lo. , Angrylock
, vintagelf , Ge. Jo. Ry. , Da. Ta.

Thank you for your donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated it. (:

I'd love to add donators to the credits to show my appreciation, problem
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