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  1. Chesko
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    This mod is provided as-is, no requests. I will not be modifying it based on requests.

    Eliminating all clipping from all armor from all sexes and all races with all quivers and all cloaks is 100% impossible.

    Please read the entire front page before posting a question. Thank you!
  2. Chesko
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    The development status of this mod is: Final version
    The support status of this mod is: Unsupported

    Please consult other knowledgeable users who may be able to address issues you may have. I have verified that this mod works as described in an unmodded development environment. If the mod is not working as expected, it is most likely due to an incompatibility issue.

    Permissions: There has been an important change in permissions. All mod files, including the animations, can be redistributed freely without permission. Have fun!

    Mod Developers: If you would like to make a compatibility patch for your crossbow bolts, all instructions are included in the readme file.

    Thank you for your endorsements and support for this small contribution. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
  3. rebornfighter98
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    Safe to install mid game? Dumb question I know
  4. ElChuletas
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    I have an idea, maybe it has already crossed your mind but if you could personalize the lengths and latitudes of el caraj through a menu, people could go up, down, zoom in or out as they liked and stop bothering.
    It's just an idea
  5. Holorium
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    I have a problem with this mod along with XPMSE, the quiver position is fine, but the bow draw animation is bugged, the first arrow is not being counted. any solution to this?
    1. JesusBeuzebu
      • member
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      im whit the same problem :(
  6. lovefalso
    • member
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    Is possible to create a "randomizer" for NPCS?, i mean making some of them use quivers in the hip, and others in the back, left and right hand randomizer.
    I came up with this idea after reading about the topic....the quiver in the hip or in the back depends of the person.
  7. ginosalieri
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    Endorse this mod god work
  8. DoctorUbermensch
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    I got an issue with downloading this via NMM. The mod doesn't completely download.
  9. LegendaryHiccupz
    • supporter
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    Just leaving a suggestion here for the 0.0001% chance that Chesko finds this.

    Since this mod directly conflicts skeleton mods, wouldn't the cureall just be to turn this mod into an ESP?
  10. DrawnMask
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    How does one replace the drawing animation back to vanilla? i find it very bothersome to see my char drawing arrows twice
  11. Zerren
    • member
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    hi my crossbow bolt is floating away from me like REALLY far i read the FAQ and the only crossbow mod i have that i know of is faction crossbows
  12. GeneralLC
    • premium
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    Been going back and forth on this one for a bit now - what is the proper load order for belt fastened quivers and AGO to play nice? I currently have it installed in the priority list as follows in Mod Organizer:

    Belt-Fastened Quivers
    FNIS w/ selected AGO patch + XMPSE w/belt quivers patch
    Belt-Fastened Quiver support from the AGO page.
    Currently, all the animations are working properly, but my quiver is still on my back and not on my belt. What's up?
    1. EvilOssie
      • supporter
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      Did you select belt-fastened quivers in XMPSE's MCM menu?
    2. iulenny
      • supporter
      • 118 posts
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      I did. Same problem. Researching. Using Vortex FYI. Worked once not now.