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Adds craftable healing bandages to the Tanning Rack. If you are looking for an alternative to Potions or Healing Spells, this is it!

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INTERESTED IN HELPING WITH THE MOD? Contact me through Nexus Forums! I'm hoping to see this mod taken out of my hands and into someone more capable and more attentive. Special interest to those with animation and custom armor design experience!

Looking for another healing option besides Potions and Spells? Want to put to use some of that useless clutter? Look no further!
This mod adds several leveled bandages to the game that you can use along with or instead of potions and spells! These bandages heal you over time instead of instantly restoring health. While they may take longer to heal you, they are more powerful than any looted healing potion. You can find your crafted bandages under the Potions section of your Inventory list.
All bandages can be found during your adventures and are craftable at the Tanning Rack in the Hide section once you reach the required level.
The added bandages are:

-Bandage: Cured (Unlocked at start) *ADDED IN 1.1*
-Bandage: Anti-Venom (Unlocked at start)
-Bandage: Weak (Unlocked at start)
-Bandage: Light (Unlocked at level 10)
-Bandage: Basic (Unlocked at level 20)
-Bandage: Heavy (Unlocked at level 30)
-Bandage: Advanced (Unlocked at level 40)
-Bandage: Spirit (Unlocked at level 50)
-Equip-able Head Bandage and Arm Bandages (Unlocked at level 5) *ADDED IN 1.1*

Salves have now been added in as of 1.1. These medicinal creams will provide resistance to the various types of magics found in Skyrim. All these Salves can be crafted at the Cooking Pot.
The added Salves are:

-Salve: Flameguard (Unlocked at level 25)
-Salve: Frostguard (Unlocked at level 25)
-Salve: Shockguard (Unlocked at level 25)
-Salve: Managuard (Unlocked at level 30)

~~~Additional Added/Changed Items~~~
-Ale Recipe (Required for Bandages)
-Linen Wrap Recipe (Required for Bandages)
-Wooden Bowl Recipe (Required for Salves) *ADDED IN 1.1*

Skyrim Bandages changes Linen Wraps weight and will likely conflict with any other mod that changes this as well. This was changed because I felt the vanilla weight was unrealistic.

Skyrim Bandages changes the leveled item list of restore health potions and may conflict with any mod that changes this as well. This was changed to add the Bandages into the leveled list so you can loot them from an NPC or in the world.

Skyrim Bandages changes the RestoreHealthDuration effect and will likely conflict with any mod that changes this as well. This was changed as the vanilla effect was broken and had to be repaired for it to function properly.