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Added: 10/04/2013 - 11:39AM
Updated: 28/12/2015 - 06:12PM

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Last updated at 18:12, 28 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 11:39, 10 Apr 2013

This mod intend to make all unessential NPCs protected, so just the player can kill them

reason of this is because i'm using various awesome mods that improve a lot the game experience (like DD, DCO, ASIS, Skyrim Unleashed, SoT etc.) but with the side effect that with them skyrim could became Quickly a desert deadland.

Just named unique NPCs touched.. No guards, no respawning ones, etc.
it adds flag to NPCs and it's conflict free.
If i forgot someone or i put the flag on a NPC who must not have it, let me know and i'll fix it.

Skyrim and all Dlcs covered, now with an All in one too

Compatible with everything
Put it up in your load order.
building the bashed patch, it's better to add the tag "no merge" to this mod.

Loose file can be merged using Merge Plugins TES5Edit Script by matortheeternal ( this script work fine with a lot of mods, reducing in a simple way the esp's amount.

He won't die!! How to Patch it?
Just open the .esp with tesedit, search for the walking dead ( and tesedit search button will make u better than Marlowe) and change the flag, close TesEdit and save.

                     or take the simple way

and check this other mod: it should fix the most of the things i missed

Thanks to Sabotaged, that make the mod i used
to Grizzly_UK that suggest in a comment to use protected Flag
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