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Last updated at 1:26, 20 May 2017 Uploaded at 6:24, 5 Apr 2013

This mod is no longer being supported and should be taken as it is. I will not be returning to this page to assist users and will ignore any personal messages regarding this mod. The fact that this mod is no longer supported does NOT give anyone the right to re-publish my work with or without credit. The rules regarding asset use still apply however the answer to all requests for permission to use my assets contained within this mod should be assumed to be NO.

A remodel of Proudspire Manor in Solitude to make it up do date with all the current DLC. This mod contains many new features that were contained in DLC and not previously in the house as well as new custom scripted features. Requires ALL current DLC (Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn)

- Addition of crafting stations contained in DLC (staff enchanter, butter churn, oven and spider maker/spawner)
- Custom made paintings
- Shrines that become enabled when you place a corresponding amulet inside the base
- Trash can to get rid of all your excess junk instead of looking of a corpse or barrel to stick them in
- Housecarls bedroom on the top floor instead of the basement
- A choice of either a male or a female bard...or you can have both if you really want to
- Optional coffin in the basement for vampires
- Eighth Black Book that works anywhere and allows you to travel straight back home then return to where you came from
- Bulk buy option for resources allowing you to buy ingredients in bulk (up to the amount of 50) instead of going out and searching every merchant
- Custom Auto Sort system
- Item Reset chest to remove enchantments and stolen flags of items
- Hearthfire style garden (plant your own ingredients)
- Fully equipped forge (with ventilation)
- Expanded armory with optional further expansion
- Bigger Staircase
- Library that replaces the sitting area on the top floor
- Custom scripted mounts for Portal Gems (Dawnguard), Thieves Guild trophies, Dragon Priest Masks, Dragon Claws (including the claws and masks in the Dragonborn DLC) and "Misc" trophies (common quest items e.g. arvak's skull or the runed lexicon).
- Custom scripted containers (open chests that are empty until you stick something inside them, NOTE if the container has a specific name e.g. "Iron Ingots" only "iron ingots" will trigger the static display all other items will keep the chest looking empty)
- Ability to remove all Elder Scrolls and Black Books from your inventory and mount them without console codes
- Various structure changes

This mod requires all three DLC (Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn)

Before using this mod in-game please make sure that if you have purchased Proudspire Manor previously, that you purchase all of its upgrades before entering the house for the first time after installing. If you start a new character please make sure you buy and upgrade the house fully before entering for the first time.

== To install ==

1 - Download the "Proudspire Remodel - Loose File Version" file or "Proudspire Remodel - BSA Version" file and extract the contents directly to your Skyrim data folder

2 - Download the "Proudspire Remodel - Update File" and extract the contents directly to your Skyrim data folder

== To update from a previous version ==

Remove all items from all containers in the house and clear all planters. Leave the house and save the game. Exit to your desktop and load the game with the mod deactivated, save and exit to desktop once again. Finally load with the new version activated and replace your items.

== Troubleshooting ==

If Proudspire Manor in you game is strange such as having items contained in the original Proudspire that shouldn't be in the remodeled version or remains of a previous Proudspire mod that shouldnt be there, you can do the following to fix it:

1 - Clean install (Take all your items out of the house, leave the house, save, quit to the desktop, load the game with the mod deactivated, save again, quit to desktop, load the game with the mod active)

2 - If step 1 fails, do it again but after you finish the last step (load with the mod active) open the console and type: "pcb" then "resetinterior solitudeproudspiremanor" then "pcb" again. Alternatively you could do this without repeating option one but i recommend repeating step 1 just to be safe. NOTE: You must be outside the house when you type these codes otherwise they wont work, also using these will cause any animal that has followed your child home (fox, mudcrab, frostbite spider etc.) to go missing. I am unsure if they return in time.


This mod will conflict with nearly all other mods that edit the interior of Proudspire Manor

== V1 ==
- Initial Release

== V2 ==
- Shelves and chest in the forge have been resized to allow you to see inside the chest without jumping.
- Jewellery box is now a strongbox with a static overlay that appears when jewellery is placed inside.
- Scrolls container has been changed to use "Noble" textures
- All of the containers to the right of the master bed being moved slightly to make room for the extension to the trophies area
- Trophies area has been expanded, adding a display for your Elder Scrolls and Black Books
- A button has been added next to the Black Book display which allows you to remove and re-add Elder Scrolls and Black Books. This removes their "Quest Item" class allowing them to be dorpped or mounted. There is a restriction that Scrolls and Black Books can only be removed and re-added after certain quests are complete to prevent issues with the quests they are required for. Elder Scrolls can be removed and re-added after both the Dawnguard and Main questlines have been completed and the black books can be removed and re-added after the Dragonborn questline is complete and all five "Black Book:" quests have been completed NOTE: If you mount your Black Books, "madman" will appear randomly and try to tell you the location of the books despite already having them all. In this case always try to exit the conversation and get him to attach you without him telling you the location of the book. Do not pick the note of his corpse and read it

== V3 ==
- Removed the requirement to buy the childs bedroom
- Shrines added that activate once a corresponding amulet is placed in the base
- Trash can added for removalof unwanted junk
- Housecarl's bedroom added to the top floor
- Choice of two bards added, either male or female...or you can have both if you really want to
- Ability to add and remove a coffin in the basement
- Eighth black book that when read takes you to the house and when read again take you back out to your previous location
- Bulk buy menu i.e. the ability to use an interface from the house to buy ingredients, resources etc in bulk. This will not allow you to purchase weapons, armor, poisons or potions however. This only allows you to buy items that can be used in crafting e.g. ores and ingots or misc items such as heart stone and gems. Before anyone asks, yes i did put linen wrap, paper and charcoal in there for those who have mods that use those for making scrolls and the like.
- Complete auto sort system so you place all items you want to store in the main chest and it will automatically sort everything into containers
- Option to expand the armory to have more mannequins and weapon racks/mounts
- Misc trophies area for thorrygs horn, initiates ewer, dragon burial map and more

== Final ==
- Added an "Exit" option to the mod utilities button in case you accidentally press it or change your mind about toggling something
- Fixed the auto sort system so it no longer removed player made enchantments when sorting player enchanted items
- Added two chests under the enchanter that you can use to remove enchantments if you accidentally enchant the wrong item or put the wrong enchantment on and item etc (also removes the "Stolen" flag of items if you want to use it for that)

- Q: Will this mod get updated with features from your more recent mods? 
- A: No

=== Resources ===
Please note that all meshes in this mod have been modified from the vanilla game, created by me or are modified versions of modders resources. The modified versions of modders resources are free for use in all mods you make and upload as long as you credit the creator of the original objects (please contact me to find out if an asset you wish to use in a mod is a resource or made by me, after which you will need to get permission from me if it is a mesh I made/modified or credit the original author if it is a modified version of a modders resource)

=== To All ===
Feel free to modify or translate any part of my mod for personal use however you are not permitted to upload the modified or translated mod. A part from those i previously gave permission to prior to ending mod support, no one else is permitted to use my assets or upload any modified or translated versions of my mod.

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