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First Mod I made! Makes the food items of Tytanis RND-ready.

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ANNOUNCEMENT (4/5/12): Until I finish College and get used to the RND system, ALL FURTHER UPDATES ARE HELD!

UPDATE: Never mind, I figured it out! Next version will contain spoilage.

Plain and simple, this mod fills the gap between Tytanis and Realistic Needs and Diseases. I was tired of Tytanis' lethargy, so I pitched in to cover his lazy arse! Psyche, he's actually working on a new version. He better be! But seriously, I wasn't able to get in touch with him, but in case he attempts to report this, I'm sorry if I didn't tell you about this, but I was tired of your mod at a standstill. If you are not going to give us updates, or anything mentioning progress, what good is your mod then!?

Now I got that out of way, Let's talk install:

First, get Tytanis:
Then RND:

Then get the file needed.

Essentially, this give the food items of Tytanis the RND properties upon consumption.

Before doing anything with this mod, see the creators of the masters, then me.


FIXED - Made Record Changes via TES5Edit.