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Farming, spells, crafts, items, spells, housing and more!

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Global Farming - Collect cow pies from your local farm, drop them where you want to plant, then hit it with your hoe.

Plant grow time increased to look more realistic and immersive.

Plants will now go into Flowering if you leave them alone for a week in-game after they are finished growing in their normal stage.

Added base code for player house building.

Attempt to fix the armored horses spawning at the stables when you fast travel.


Please report it immediately if horses spawn after fast traveling. DO NOT REPORT IT IF YOU LOAD FROM A SAVE FROM 1.01


Skyrim Farming + Horse Armor Vendor + Fixes

Note: You can TURN ON the effect (beam) when a plant is ready (default is off)

To turn it on, type in console - "set ShowPlantReady 1"

To turn it back off - "set ShowPlantReady 0"

Find seeds by finding "Flowering" plants in the world. (Random chance at getting seeds)

To plant - Hit the "Fertilized Soil" with your hoe. Only seeds you have will show in your inventory.

Plants grow in REAL-TIME. I may add a variable to speed them up as a cheat, but for now, eal with it =P

You can craft a Hoe at the forge for 1 iron ingot and 3 firewood.

Horse Armor Vendor
Big thanks to both tumbajumba and Mystikhybrid for the models.

Horse vendor's name is Skulvik, located at the Whiterun Stables.
Armor will be applied to the last horse you rode. It will KEEP it's original skin color.

Invisible armor fixes for female characters
Midas Magic integration updated to 0.08
Jewelcraft integration updated to 0.20
Deadly Dragons compatibility added (optional file)




Update 1.00

Alright, the time has come again to really power this mod!

You can now enchant arrows at the Elemental Arrow Enchanter located at the Winterhold College in The Hall of Elements.


Enchanting Requirements

Fire Arrows - Fire Enchanter from the Enchanting Perk Tree
Frost Arrows - Frost Enchanter from the Enchanting Perk Tree
Shock Arrows - Storm Enchanter from the Enchanting Perk Tree
Earth Arrows - Insightful Enchanter from the Enchanting Perk Tree
Poisonous Arrows - Poisoner from the Alchemy Perk Tree

(MORE ARROW TYPES ARE TO COME! I want to see if these bug out at all first. Also, only about 10% of NPCs are affected by the arrows, more will be added as updates progress. All dragons are affected!)

Arrow Criticals

Fire Arrows - Fire arrows will burn the target, a critical hit will produce Midas' Meteor Shower on the target.
Frost Arrows - Frost arrows will apply frost damage, a critical hit will produce Midas' Avalanche on the target.
Shock Arrows - Shock arrows will apply shock damage, a critical hit will produce Wall of Shock on the target.
Earth Arrows - Earth arrows have three criticals, 1. Midas' Entangle 2. Midas' Bug Swarm and 3. Summon Spriggan.
Poisonous Arrows - Poisonous arrows will poison the target, criticals will produce additional poison on the target.

I wanted to show face that I'm here to keep updating, there is A LOT more to come! Stay tuned <3

Most of Deadly Dragons removed, kept the two new dragons, Magma and Storm.
Dual-casting restored, stagger/physics effect only given to powerful shock spells.

JewelCraft, Third Era Weapons and Midas Magic updated to latest version.

Xilver from Midas Magic is now apart of the team and will be handling anything and everything spell related!

New items: Apple Seed, Papaya Seed, Grape Seed, Garlic Seed, Oak Lumber 4x4 4x6 6x6 8x8, Cedar Lumber 4x4 4x6 6x6 8x8, Iron Nails, Steel Nails, Runic Nails, Deadric Nails, Marble, Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, Clay, Creature Fossil, Dragon Fossil, Straw, Clay Roof Tiles, Fishing Pole, Fishing Hook, Worms, Red Dye, Blue Dye, Green Dye, Black Dye, Tarot Pack

Farming - The seeds will be finished once the CK comes out.
Carpentry - Building materials will be finished once the CK comes out.
Fishing - Fishing will be finished once the CK comes out.
Leather Armor Dyes - Dyes will be finished once the CK comes out.
Heavy Armor Paint - Paints will be finished once the CK comes out.
Tarot Cards - Cards of different types and benefits will be worked on.

(New mounts, fist weapons and horse armors are around the corner!)


Collaborative list of previous updates:

Beta phase of mounts! I didn't include dragons yet because it's currently corrupting saves, but I'll get on it once I wake up (I'm very, very tired right now). I also need to update the mounting animation...and if your bear or sabrecat are laying down, you can mount them but you won't be able to go anywhere. Just punch them in the face and when they get up, jump on!

help "tamed" 0
player.placeatme - Tamed Mount

New items: Blank Power Tome, Dragon Brain, Runic Nightingale Sword, Gold Ebony Cuirass, Gold Ebony Gauntlets, Gold Ebony Boots, Gold Ebony Helmet, Ancient Argonian Scratches, Ancient Dark Elven Text, Ancient Wood Elven Text, Redguard Secret Handbook, Secret Imperial Knowledge, Ancient Altmer Text, Ancient Aldmeri-Nedic Manmer Text, Ancient Orsimer Glyphs, Karliah's Secret, Mysterious Khajiit Notes,
Holy Dust, Dragon Blood, Dragon Skull, Dragon Eye, Dragon Meat, Dragon Saliva, Dragon Heart, Coffee Bean, Brewed Coffee, Titanium Ore, Titanium Ingot, Platinum Ore, Platinum Ingot, Titanium Dust, Diamond Dust, Emerald Dust, Ruby Dust, Sapphire Dust, Amethyst Dust, Garnet Dust, Fire Stone, Frost Stone, Thunder Stone, Personal Grindestone, Silver Setting, Gold Setting, Platinum Setting, Jeweler's Kit, Meteorite, Meteorite Dust, Mammoth Furs, Mammoth Wool, Spider Silk, Silk Thread, Silver Thread, Gold Thread, Rune Thread, Glass Thread, Ebony Thread, Dwarven Thread, Elven Thread, Quicksilver Thread, Dragon Thread, Thunder Salts, Blank Spell Tome, Enchanted Paper, Enchanted Quill, Enchanted Leather, Enchanted Ink, Arrow Tips/Nocks, Chunk of , Leather Scraps

New mini-artifact weapons with enchanted FX! You can find these in certain locations (secret, no spoilers please). There are two of each enchanted swords spread out across the land in select chests that have a 10% chance for each mini-artifact to show up:
New weapons: Tamriel's Storm, Dragon's Breath, Glacial Tide, Terra Nova, Imperial Spear, Imperial Pike and Bear Trap
When you have any two of the swords listed above, you can combine them to make artifact greatswords, dual wielding too!
Tamriel's Storm + Dragon's Breath would create the greatsword Firestorm.
Glacial Tide + Dragon's Breath = Terra Nova.
And so on (yes, they can even be combined with the same element)! Users may post what the rest of the recipes and names are but NOT where they are located. Still working on the greatswords and other forms of artifacts (axes, maces, daggers, etc)
(I will also be creating universal enchantment effects if desired)
For the Bear Trap, you may only set only craft ONE. I did this to prevent it from being over-powered.

Warmaster's (All Weapons here (Iron Battleaxe, Steel Warhammer, Dwarven Greatsword, etc etc) When you dual-wield two-handers with Warmaster weapons, you are pointed to the one-handed tree! (You will start leveling up on the one-handed tree))
Blood Dragonplate Set (textures by Shinokage with permission)
Dragonbone Weapons (with permission by AeonVita)
Daedric Golden/White Armors and Weapons (with permission by 3rd3m)
Nightingale Armor and Weapon Set
The Blades Armor and Weapon Set
Dwarven Stone Armor by Shinokage
For you Steel lovers, as BosmerSpock requested, you may now INFUSE your Steel armor! Create Steel armor that is as powerful as Dwarven...Orcish...or DAEDRIC! It looks like Steel but it can take a bigger beating!

New spells: Divine Light, Fire Bomb, Chicken, Polymorph: Hare, Polymorph: Mudcrab, Polymorph: Dremora, Conjure Spectral Bear, Conjure Spectral Sabretooth Cat, Conjure Spectral Mammoth, Conjure Spectral Troll, Conjure Undead Dragon, Conjure Skeleton Archer, Conjure Skeleton Mage, Conjure Skeleton Warrior, Conjure Clone

New powers: Karliah's Secret

New perk effects:

Warmaster (Two-handed) will now grant you the ability to DUAL WIELD TWO-HANDED WEAPONS. You may hold a Greatsword with another Greatsword together or mix it up! You can also just hold one two-hander and use the other hand freely.
Note: You must craft "Warmaster's" weapons at the forge to dual-wield.

SCAVENGER HUNT! (Notice: Posting locations where these items are found will be considered as SPOILERS which will result in your account being reported!)

Ancient Argonian Scratches, Ancient Dark Elven Text, Ancient Wood Elven Text, Redguard Secret Handbook, Secret Imperial Knowledge, Ancient Altmer Text, Ancient Aldmeri-Nedic Manmer Text, Ancient Orsimer Glyphs, Karliah's Secret, and Mysterious Khajiit Notes can be found on SELECT NPC's in the world...some can be pickpocketed or killed to get these items. These items are used to create POWER TOMES. Now you can learn RACIAL POWERS if you come across these items. - PV__86 - Roborabbit

For Spell Tomes to appear on your Tanning Rack, you must first make a Blank Spell Tome.
Staffs now require Dwarven or Ebony Smithing (depending on the model of the staff) to show up.
Spell Tomes now require Novice-Master perks relating to their school level.


Partnership with SkyNet and Skyrim Online! ***Remember, multiplayer (LAN, co-op, arena, MMO) will be OPTIONAL.
Please see this thread for more details
JewelCraft partnered and integrated. Valdosa's Val's Crafting Meltdown and Wolferoo's Cooking Recipes!
Summoning Rings by StonedNarwhal
Rings of Power by Gawl40
Physics Spells - WIP by Eramus
Legendary Smithing Upgrades by Lucubration
(Modified) Unlimited Rings by mtsaint
(Modified) Summon Animal Pets by Volek
Deadly Dragons by 3JIou
Weapons of the Third Era by 747823 integrated and made compatible
Partnership with Midas Magic by xilver! Integrated and compatible!

Integration Changes:

Changed Rings of Power forging requirements to "Extra Effects", "Master Alteration" and "Arcane Smithing".
Changed Summoning Rings forging requirements to "Twin Souls", "Master Conjuration" and "Arcane Smithing".
None of the custom weapons/armors are in Legendary yet, will do some for the next update.
Unlimited Rings, Power Rings and Summon Animal Pets are not fully integrated, they have been put in as placeholders for the next update!
Deadly Dragons: Removed all dragons with boosted effects and only kept the two new dragons from the mod.
Physics Spells: Changed to stagger only with shock/electric spells. Dual-casting restored.
Val's Crafting Meltdown: Changes and list cleaned up for the smelter. You now must have an item you can smelt in your inventory for it to show up on the menu. All items now melt into a chunk of the mineral. Four to six chunks make up one ingot. Four leather scraps make one leather strip.