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Set your skills to any value between 1 and 100 via MCM

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  • Turkish
A quick simple mod, written as much as an experiment in learning MCM as much as anything, that allows you to adjust your skill levels in game.

The menu consists of one toggle (Gain Levels) and eighteen sliders (one for each of Skyrim's basic skills)

If Gain Levels is toggled on and you increase a skill you will also gain experience, levels and of course perk points.
If Gain Levels is not toggled then the skill level will change but you will not receive any experience for the change or gain any levels.
If you lower a skill value with this then you don't loose any levels, and you still keep any perks that you had chosen while at the higher level.

Along with learning how to create MCM scripts I also created this to cut down on the tedium of repeated actions to increase skills like Smithing or Enchanting just to increase their respective levels. While it is easy enough to craft hundreds of iron daggers, enchant them, sell them then repeat it just gets so dull. Also, as I have completed Skyrim and spend most of my time in game playing with mods I have no qualms about creating a new game every time I make a major change to my mods list.

Added SkyRe versions as optional files (tested with SkyRe V1.0), one allows you to set a range between 1-100 and the other allows you to set a range between 1-150. Only one file is required, even if you are using SkyRe simply download either of the two SkyRe files, you do not need the main file for SkyRe.

All three files work on the standard or SkyRe version of the game as while SkyRe changes the content of the perk trees the main perks are still the same as regular Skyrim, just with different names.

If you have any form of uncapper installed that let's you increase skills above 100 be warned that setting a skill in this to 100 and selecting that choice will lower the skill back to 100. Just cancel the action instead. You will need MCM menu's in order to use this mod, try the excellent SkyUI


13th April 2013 - V1.1 Added
Added sliders to allow you to adjust Health, Stamina, Magicka and Carry Weight to the standard version. Also changed regular skills back to max 100 after an error in previous upload.