True Bound Daedric Armors by foster
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Added: 02/04/2013 - 05:45AM
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Ever feel like the conjuration school was missing

something......but you're a lore purist and refused to

try my True Bound Armors Mod, becasue the meshes

weren't Daedric? This mod aims to fix that With this

mod, you can summon Bound Daedric Armors, keeping with

Skyrim's bound weapons' theme, and remaining true to

Elder Scrolls Lore.

There have been a couple of mods that allowed you to

equip armor via spell, but this mod is more than that.

The Armors you conjuire wil lhave many unique


*Armors will have animated flames similar to bound


*Armors will be transparent similar to bound weapons

*Armors feature custom meshes, making them unique sets

*The conjuration spell will feature casting effects,

meaning you won't just "hotkey" equip the armor, it's

apperance will be masked by the spell's special


*Best of all the armor will not un-equip your current


The mod will stack the armor meshes over your current

items. This means you will basiclly be wearing two sets

of armor, and some clipping will occur. Armor can be

worn with any clothes/armor modded or default. Each set

was desinged with specific default armor in mind,

wearing this will greatly reduce clipping.

Mage Armor=Mage robes

Heavy Armor=Ebony armor

Daedric=Steel plate armor

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