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Symphonies of Skyrim offers a plethora of original orchestral music composed specifically for use in Skyrim. All music is additional, and not replacers.

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While the Official Skyrim Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule is indeed magnificent, awe-inspiring and perfectly orchestrated for Skyrim, When, like me you have clocked 800+ hours on the game - it is inevitable that you will hear the same melodies over and over, even to the point of becoming tedious.

And so, driven by my desire to contribute something to the game that has given me so much, I present: Symphonies of Skyrim. These are all entirely original orchestral compositions that I have composed, orchestrated and mixed. I am a dedicated semi-professional composer and a huge fan of Skyrim. I have thoroughly enjoyed composing music for what I consider to be a true masterpiece of a game.
The pieces are of all genres, from epic booming battle ensembles to gentle woodwind exploration motifs.

The works are all integrated fully into an .esp, so no additional work is required, simply cut and paste the files in the RAR into the Skyrim/Data folder, and fire up the game!

In Version 2.0, there are twenty-five pieces included, adding well over an hour of brand new music to Skyrim's Soundtrack.

Symphonies of Skyrim - 2 Year Anniversary Edition available now! Download in the next tab and hear three of the new pieces below...


Note from the Author:

Well, 800 hours of playtime, 600 hours of composing, 25 pieces and two years later, Symphonies of Skyrim has reached its final form. I am immeasurably proud of every piece, and I sincerely hope you enjoy having them in your game, after all - that is why I originally pursued the creation of the mod. As promised, all 25 tracks are available in High-fidelity MP3 as an optional file in the next tab, complete with Anniversary artwork and ordered track listing for the Anniversary edition. The Legacy edition contains the old recordings – the versions dragged from ancient history. You might even find a hidden gem or two in there!

So, many thanks for being such a fantastic audience/user-base these past two years. It's been a great ride, and I certainly never expected that the mod would be this well-liked by so many. Thank you once again.
And with that, my musical adventures in Skyrim are all but finished.

Keep up with my new projects!

These compositions are uploaded onto the nexus for download for use in Skyrim ONLY. If you wish to transfer them to any other format or device, please seek permission from me first. I have no issue with copying the files onto other devices for you own private use, but please do not re-distribute publicly or to friends.

Please don't forget to leave an endorsement, and any comments, however brief, will be greatly appreciated.