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The Red Volcano erupts once more and transforms the entire Solstheim island into a desolate wasteland - inspired by the Fallout series.

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Set during the aftermath of a big eruption of the Red mountain, Solstheim's terrain is devastated and transformed into a smoldering inferno - a burning wasteland barely capable of sustaining life. Now the inhospitable terrrain coupled by an extremely harsh weather presents an even greater challenge.

Solstheim Wasteland is a climate and landscape overhaul of Dragonborn DLC's Solstheim.
- Most trees and plant life has been destryoed to recreate the volcanic eruption effect.
- Extreme harsh weathers (from Solstheim Climate Overhaul) were implemented to emphasize this effect.
- Many of the local flora has been burned down so they can no longer be found in the wild. Trama Root, Scathecraw, Ash Yam and Ash Creep Cluster has become so rare that prices of the ingredients gathered from them has increased significantly and they can now be only purchased from the island's traders.
- Solstheim Wasteland affects only exterior areas, so Interiors and buildings would remain untouched.
- Creatures spawn points around the island would remain the same

Solstheim Wasteland will have its own weather system - compatible with SCO.
Since this mod affects only the Solstheim worldspace, It should be compatible with most other mods.
For enhanced wasteland experience: please turn off any grass mods, tree mods and climate/weather mods.

Copy the esp file in your skyrim data folder

You must have the Dragonborn DLC

Load Order
Must be placed below any mod that alter the climate or terrain in solstheim.

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