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This is a expansion of the famous Drinking Fountains of Skyrim It ads these Realistic Needs and Diseasescompatible version of Drinking fountains into Solstheim.

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This file is Nexus exclusive.

Please feel free to upload pictures as my picture making skills are pretty much nonexistent ;)

This is an expansion of the famous Drinking Fountains of Skyrim It ads these lovely fountains which are compatible with SUPER AWESOME Realistic Needs and Diseases into Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC)

To be exact I put two fountains into Raven Rock one is in Skaal village next to the smithy, one on the steps of Miraak's temple. One next to the Mythin and one close to a camp I don't remember the name of.

If anyone has any ideas where to put one of these fountains let me know and if it isn't lore, quest, place some other kind of breaking I will do that ;)

Let me know if you find any bugs.

This mod was cleaned by TES5Edit and should be bug free.

You still need to download and install the original mod here and then just install my mod on top of the original.
This mod will not work without the original file. You have been warned.

German translation is brought to you by ArcherArcher Thank you :)

Credits and thanks go to MannyGT for giving me permission and creating so simple yet so needed mod :)

Much Love D13
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