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Adds a chicken to the game.

Permissions and credits
If you have an older version of this mod I highly recommend making a clean save before installing this update! 
Make a clean save be following these steps: 
- remove all the items from chicken that you want to keep. 
- Type: "set playeranimalcount to 0", or send chicken home. 
- Close the game and uninstall the mod. 
- Go back in game and save your game. 
- Install the new version of the game and you're ready to play. 

The mod adds a chicken companion to the game. 
- can be found standing in front of High Hrothgar (see picture exact location). 
- counts as an animal follower. 
- can be used with a normal human follower. 
- does not effect stealth. 
- can be upgraded to do aoe fire/frost/lightning damage in fights with certain items. 
- can be upgraded to use the shouts: Unrelenting Force/ Fire Breath/Frost Breath/Elemental Fury (on the player) in fights with certain items. 
- holds a note containing information about his background and small quest. 
- can hold on to your items. 
- will engage in combat when you do. 
is essential.

(Mod version in the video's are out of date) 

[NMM user]
Use the NMM the same way as always.

[Manual Install]
Copy Data folder to your Skyrim Directory.

[NMM user]
Use the NMM the same way as always.


Delete all the installed files. 

Known Issues:
- If you can't talk to chicken open the console, by hitting the "~" key, and type "set playeranimalcount to 0", or send your other animal follows away. 
-The conversation box might get stuck and not work. FIXED!

Future Plan:
- Add a dismiss dialogue. DONE!
- Teach Chicken to use the unrelenting force shout. DONE!
- Give Chicken a backpack.DONE!
- Fix Known issues.

Change Log:
- The quest is now an actual quest.

- Small quest 
- Chicken Spells 
- Chicken Shouts 
- Updated note 
- Updated talk 
- 4 new evil Chickens 
- 4 new Eggs of power

- Adds dismiss in dialogue and fixes the dialogue bug!

- Adds a leather strip to the backpack.

- Chicken can turn faster.
- Adds backpack!

- Fixes minor stuff.

Svaalbard (video)
GameSpot (video)

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