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  1. goatk
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    Farewell and License

    After 1000 hours playtime and five mods published, I(author) am leaving SKYRIM.
    Now, you are free to modify all my five TNF house mods; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate file, publish it as your own mod without asking, as long as you give me proper credits.
    1. Tenshi252
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      Oh, boo! good luck to ya! Love your house mods.
    2. psychoslaphead
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      Thanks for the mods! I uploaded a modification that adds undressing/dressing scripting and triggers for the bath areas on all of your houses.
  2. goatk
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    NEWS :
    v1.5 updated!!
    2 New screen shots uploaded!
    (New users have nothing to do with this warning, just read installation guide and download!
    Updating from old version, you must UNINSTALL old version first, then install v1.5 as a totally new mod! Or items will lost.
    1. Evacuate all Items and NPCs from the house.
    2. Uninstall 1.0 and make clean save in other interior cell.
    3. Install v1.5
    Notice: Specimen on trophy stands and plants on planters will remain their position, before using new updated stands and planters, you will need to [disable] Specimen and plants first.
  3. goatk
    • member
    • 198 posts
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    Vlindrel Hall ver1.5 launched!

    BreezehomeTNF ver2.5 launched!

    1. RosieM
      • member
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      Just downloaded your other mods, I'll prove them today and come back to endorse.
      I can't wait to see what you do with Hjerim
      Keep up the awesome work!
  4. AlarictheVisgoth
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    those of you who already have TMP Phoenix's Multiple Adoptons Mod installed in your game and would like to have 2+ kids living in Riften, consider installing Soupdragon1234 HF tweaks to goatk's Honeyside. Soupdragon did minor adjustments to the basement area to now include a much needed 6 child bedroom ---all without compromising the original goatk layout.

    Check out the latest, updated Honeyside TNF version adjustment by Soupdragon1234 here:

    Soupdragon1234 also made a recent tweak to this by adding back the HF oven downstairs (which had been removed due to space floor constraints upstairs). So now Honeyside TNF is finally complete and HF ready IMO. And it was redesigned by remaining true to the original vanilla design--without compromising the warm, rustic ambiance goatk created with the original TNF mod.

    Here are the changes in HF version of the mod (please note that in order to take advantage of the extra 4 beds, you must have the multiple adoptions mod installed. This needs to be installed at the start of every new game (i.e either present during your char's ride into Helgen or with an alternate start mod like Another life etc)

    * new 6 child bedroom complete with training dummy etc

    * no changes to the goatk master suite in interior decor or location.

    * no changes to the enchanting/crafting areas in the home. However the HF oven was substituted for a 2nd dining table. The HF oven was recently re-included in soupdragon1234's latest TNF version and relocated downstairs for convenient access.

    * training dummies relocated to the new 6 bed HF kid room

    * increased number of idle markers throughout the home so kids will do random HF animations when inside the home (sweeping, reading, daydreaming, training on dummy etc)

    * original goatk sauna/bathroom relocated next to the stairway entry (i.e. to the right of the new kid's room). No interior decor changes to the original goatk sauna/bath design layout. Also the original skylight-to-well ceiling above remains visible. However, when outdoors in the garden plot, the small well is no longer visible outside the home.

    * that dead space area just as you enter the bath area (where the shelves are) was redesigned to accommodate the children's bedroom. A more functional and navigational friendly dressing area (which acts as the entrance to the bath) leads into the bath area. This is another good design tweak as my char kept getting stuck in the original area if he had followers (or family NPCs) immediately behind him blocking the doorway exit.

    * no changes to the exterior with the minor structural removal of the small well in the garden plot area.

    * the small HF garden plot outside the home is no longer obscured by the well structure. This makes for easier access to the farm plots, TG cache barrels and --if you have Strotski's Outhouse Toilet Resource for PN--an easier way to access your own personal outhouse! This well removal was a nice upgrade IMO, especially since the main town well is in the market square no fewer than 15 paces from your front door.

    * the housecarl's room now occupies a somewhat reduced footprint of the vanilla kid's bedroom. The housecarl room was relocated directly across from it's original loction (i.e. now it's directly across from the goatk sauna/bathroom). The new 6 kid bedroom is in between these two (i.e. directly across from the master suite).

    * the 3 trophy pedestals have been rearranged in a more compact and presentable location next to the master suite.

    Once again THANK YOU Goatk and Soupdragon1234 for remaking Honeyside into one of the best, most inviting atmosphere homes for my DB & his Brady Bunch to live in! <333333
    1. Victimn
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      This is great, everything I needed. I just decided to start a family with 6 children and I had to give up Lakeview, and almost losing hope I found your comment, I appreciate that. Now my only fear is not finding a good enough father, but these days I think it’s better that way
  5. sbumsbumsbum
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    Really awesome Honeyside with this mod, but there 3 things i really hate:
    1. Annoying flat web near the balcon door, i didn't find a mod that DELETE it.
    2. In the main room there is a weird illumination, expecially near the table and behind the arcane enchanter
    3. Sometimes if I sit in the sauna room, I begin hearing an underwater sound effect that doesn't stop until I close the game. I keep hearing it even if I go to other places in skyrim

    Sorry for my english.
  6. Malinalli
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Thank you. This is the best to me, since it has it all, and doesn't break the immersion
  7. ginosalieri
    • member
    • 1,686 posts
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    Endorse this mod god work
  8. rbull77
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    I imagine no one is looking here anymore, but I'll post this anyway...

    I like the mod very much but when it rains NPCs wander in uninvited like it was a tavern. One of them (Drevin's wife, I think) even said "Wine, please." :-)
    Not that I mind hosting a party, but it was a little unsettling the first time. Do they think they're in Haelga's Bunkhouse? Can I do anything to prevent this?

    1. MisterB1969
      • premium
      • 2,692 posts
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      I noticed that the house is being listed as an Inn in the Tes5Edit and thought that was weird. Simply delete the keyword in Tes5Edit, and it wont be an Inn anymore.
    2. gr0wlt1g3r
      • premium
      • 261 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Just a bit more information: the Inn keyword is present in the Skyrim,esm, the HearthFires.esm, and, as observed, in the mod's HSTNF.esp; however, it had been removed by the game's Update.esm. Go figure.

      I have had the same experience described by the original poster. And I suppose removing it is the solution. That is what I did and in the aftermath this did not seem to have any obvious deleterious effects. One can find the keyword here: HSTNF.esp -> Location -> RiftenHoneysideLocation -> Keywords -> LocTypeInn.
    3. tyrantrex
      • member
      • 374 posts
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      Thanks, I should have checked this out sooner. Would have saved me LOTS of trouble not installing it.
  9. FatCat3104
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    If you take the alchemy ingredients do they respawn after 48 in-game hours or are they gone forever?
  10. MisterB1969
    • premium
    • 2,692 posts
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    Well I am gonna list an issue I have been having, that I have tried fixing with the tips that front page has given. I'm going to be trying to see if I can fix it with Tes5Edit, but if anyone else has a clue please let me know. The quest to purchase the master bedroom, does not work. It will apparently let my "buy it", but it does not take the gold. So in the end the Master bedroom never appears.

    EDIT: Looks like its an issue with the main skyrim file itself..
  11. PlayaCharacter
    • member
    • 192 posts
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    I'm getting an odd problem with this mod where the Honeyside interior changes and shifts around depending on what angle I'm looking. It would be really cool if I wanted to live in an episode of the Twilight Zone, but I was hoping for Honeyside. I can't see in MO that any mod is conflicting, but I imagine that's what's going on. Anyone else had this problem? Even though I'm installing prior to purchasing the property, I've tried the steps outlined in the description page with no luck. It looks like a really good mod, just... only when my face is pointed the right way.

    I could probably fix this problem myself if I just knew what to look for.
    1. TheArchRanger
      • member
      • 6 posts
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      I had this problem as well with Breezehome and found out it was from Skyrim Project Optimization. You have to download the No Home/House version to fix this. Hope this helps
  12. planetarystop
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    Happy that this works for SSE
  13. Kaydreamer
    • supporter
    • 52 posts
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    The 'No Honeyside' option does not quite work to eliminate clashing light sources in this beautiful house mod. What you need to do is boot up ELFX in TES5Edit and completely DELETE Honeyside from it. You can find the option here:

    Block 9
    (I don't remember what Sub-Block it was, but it's in one of them.)

    Right click Honeyside, select 'remove' and boom - you'll have a flawless Honeyside TNF from that point on.
    1. Legend0fJan
      • supporter
      • 734 posts
      • 106 kudos
      good call right there! Not only was the lighting all messed up, but it also was driving my 980 crazy. Those two kept me away from keeping this mod for my most favoured house.
    2. FishyFishy007
      • member
      • 16 posts
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      Honeyside is in Cell => Block 9=> sub-block 4, in case someone is searching