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This mod will make puddles (and small raindrops fall off the rooves) while it\'s raining, puddles will grow (until a certain limit) as it rains, once it stops raining they will become smaller until they dissapear.

Permissions and credits
This mod will make puddles around cities in some spots (where I believe they would fit) while it's raining, as it rains those puddles will grow until they reach a certain limit then they will stay until it stops raining, then they'll get smaller until they dissapear.

This mod also makes small raindrops fall off the rooves, not very noticeable while it rains but overall it gives a nice effect when using Rain clipping mods such as Real Shelter by Robinsage .

Those puddles will also react to forces, such as Earthquakes by mannygt or jumping as normal water would, as well as raindrops falling on it making some splashes.

Mod Status
Whiterun (60%) => 16 Puddles, 3 buildings with "wet" roof
Solitude(5%)=> 1 Puddle

Notes on compatibility
Is this mod compatible with Frostfall, climates of tamriel, mighty dragons, pokemons, pr0n, ... ? YES. Anything but mods that completly change the look/cell of the cities are compatible.

Special thanks
  • Brodual