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An interactive & customizable home located in the town of Riverwood. It contains a full forge & crafting area, along with some unique features including: an interactive gardening system, a wood burning fireplace, quick access bookshelves, business ledger trading system, & more. The entrance faces towards the west, overlooking the river.

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Leaf Rest: One Piece
(06/08/2014) version OP 1.02 released! The DLC Hearthfire is required
LR Ver 2.3.1 = last version to not require any DLC. 

Leaf Rest: One Piece is a custom & interactive player home designed inside of one cell. It's a convenient estate for players to craft, sell, and store their items; raise a family and house followers. The player can now interact with many of the objects located in and around the property. This includes options for customizing many of the home's interior decorations, statues, rugs, doorways, beds, containers, crafting stations, room layouts, & more.The house is located in the town of Riverwood, directly across from the Sleeping Giant Inn. The front entrance faces the west, overlooking the river. The key to the home can be found in the mail post.*

* If the key is not in the mail post, 1st check around the ground. Next try moving Leaf Rest to a later position in your load order. If the problem still persists use these steps: Enter console mode, select the door, and type in the "unlock" command. An extra key can be found inside the hidden safe.*

When moving children into the house, make sure to first activate the children's beds using the settings book in the main bedroom. Then cast the "Bless this home" spell provided by the HMA mod anywhere inside the home.

◆ Main Features...
Leaf Rest Gardening System (Farming Animations)

The Leaf Rest gardening system now requires the player to use realistic farming techniques in order to grow crops. First Water the plants by turning on the spigot and activating the bucket. Fill it up to capacity & carry the bucket over to the garden for watering. Next Till the soil by using the farming tool which is found inside of the garden. To the left of this tool, there are a few sacks which contain fertilizer. Lastly Apply the fertilizer & moisture into the soil to create a healthy, nutrient rich environment for your crops to grow. When working in the garden, messages detailing your progress will appear on screen. To begin farming access the "farming note"  which is on a post nearby. Eventually through patience, hard work, and determination, your skills as a farmer will improve allowing you to create many good soil plots for growing plants both outside and inside of the home.

Outdoor Herb bath & Indoor Pool/Spa

Let the combination of warm water and herbs heal your body and fend off that frigid Skyrim weather. Provides a temporary bonus to one's frost resistance and speech. Use the “auto un-equip baskets” before entering the bath to quickly remove armor and other gear. Works great on followers as well! The spa and pool will also heal your aching muscles (lambago) after a hard day of farming in the garden.

Wood Burning Fireplace (lifting/dropping animation)

Firewood is now required in order to light the fireplace. The outdoor work table has an option for Leaf Rest to have its own wood-chopping block on the front porch, or you can simply use one at the nearby mill. Chop some wood (at least 4 pieces) then take and place it into the stockpile located in the basement (or use auto-sort). Next  pick up the wood from the stockpile & carry it over to the fireplace. Lighting the fire will allow you to use the cooking pot, the oven, & the interactive dining table. Adjust burning times by using the settings book.

A Combination of Auto/Manual Storage

The player can choose how best to store their collected items. Choose from either the linked auto storage system, which connects & allows quick access for storing items in the main storage containers throughout the home, or players may store and retrieve items using the containers directly (vanilla system).

Customizable rooms

Change the furnishings for a few of Leaf Rest's rooms based on your playing style. There's a choice for a followers room, a children's room, or a collection room.To access these features find the settings book located in the main bedroom.Certain barriers can also be activated or deactivated to either open up the space within a room, or make it feel more separated.

Customizable Interior/Exterior Décor

The IN GAME ability to change some of the home's decorations. Choose from a variety of statues, rugs, bed covers, foliage, and more to further customize the look of Leaf Rest. Some of the room decorations can also be disabled to make more room for your own inventory items instead.

Interactive Dining tables (dining animation)

Simply light a fire & take a seat at the dining table to enjoy a home cooked meal. Other companions will eat at the table with you. Eating here will also provide a temporary bonus to one's strength. Eat, drink, & take some food with you for later if you wish. The table clears automatically when you are finished.

A Full custom forge and smelter

Activate the forge fire to begin using the Leaf Rest forge & smelter. Nearby storage containers provide easy access for storing & retrieving various crafting materials. Access the forge settings book for more features.

Leaf Rest Water
(drinking animation)

Provides a temporary bonus to the player's stamina. It is also useful for growing crops in the garden.

Outdoor Work Table

Use the work table to activate or deactivate many of the outdoor decorations and landscaping features. This includes flower pots, leaf blinds, horse stables, chopping block, banners, farming area, clutter, etc...If you are experiencing good overall performance it's recommended to activate all decorations; otherwise use this feature to improve the overall outdoor performance or to customize the look of the home's exterior.

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Compatibility

This feature allows for adopted children to live inside of the house. Use of this feature requires the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod to be installed. In order to successfully bless the home you must also first activate children's beds via the Leaf Rest settings book. Up to four children can live inside the home.

Business Ledger trading System

Merchants from all over Skyrim will now send letters to the Dragonborn, via the mail post, requesting to engage in trading opportunities. Deposit gold in the bank to attract the attention of merchants. Once a letter is received, the Dragonborn will be able trade items with that merchant from the comfort of home. Interact with this system by using one of the business ledgers located in the main bedroom or the forge room. 

Quick Access Bookshelves

After placing books on the shelves, which are located above the office desk (see pic below), you will have quick access to your reading material. The bookshelf inventory will pop up whenever you sit down and relax in one of the designated reading chairs located in and around the home.

Interactive lighting/Active Windows

Toggle on & off some of the light sources in the home. This includes the oven fire, forge fire, and the smelter fire as well. Active windows, when opened, allow the sunshine into the house between 6am-7pm, and moonlight during the evening between 7pm-6am.

Weapons and armor display areas/rooms

Includes collection chests & several displays to show off the various weapons and armor collected during your adventures. There is an option to have another collection area next to the main bedroom via the settings book.

Custom Enchanter and Alchemy Table (magic animation)

The custom enchanting altar will begin to glow with fire, ice, or lightning when the player approaches. Includes nearby containers for storing soul gems. Choose between two types of alchemy tables and enchanting tables in the settings book (Custom or Vanilla).

Alchemy & Enchanting books (reading animation)

Near each crafting station is a book that will temporarily fortify the player's abilities to create stronger potions (+30) and enchanted items (+30).

Pray to Nine Divines (praying animation)

Choose one of the Nine Divines and proceed to pray at the altar. Their blessings will be bestowed upon you. There is a choice between having the praying tree(s) or altar statues via the settings book.

Moy (& friends)

Moy is a pet fox who can usually be found near the hen house along with the pet rabbit, and two pet chickens. “Activate” your pets" and take them for a walk, they will follow you around. “Activate” them again to tell them to stay or to return home. The home also comes with a stable to house your horses and a few winged insect friends in cages that can be released to fly free around the home.

Settings Book

Adjust many of the functions in the house. These include: Toggling on/off the animations, changing the room decorations, activating/deactivating the mannequins, customizing doorways, setting room barriers, choosing style of crafting tables, fire burning times, and more.


Exploration and the thrill of the unknown is part of what makes Skyrim such a great game. So with that in mind, there are many other items in Leaf Rest that the player can discover & interact with, so have a look around and

Riverwood Flowering is a separate mod that extends the look of Leaf Rest throughout the rest of town. Arranges flowers, plants, ropes, and other decorations all around Riverwood! (Leaf Rest not required)

(This picture of Riverwood was taken with both Riverwood Flowering + Wet & Cold: Holidays running side by side ( Holidays is by Isoku )
---- See more in the Images section -----
Installation instructions...

If you are about to install the mod for the first time, just use the NMM button. Otherwise, if you plan to install the mod manually, simply place the files like normal into your Skyrim data folder.

Updating tips...

When updating Leaf Rest, always remember to recover all of your belongings, and to remove all NPC's(companions) from inside of the house. Don't forget to check the shield & weapon racks, display cases, mannequins, bookshelves, and outdoor storage containers. Then save in a different location (away from Riverwood), delete the previous version, make a fresh save, and install the new version. It’s always a good idea to make a new save in case you want to reinstall a previous version.

Leaf Rest is compatible with most mods. The following list pertains to any mods that affect Leaf Rest and/or Riverwood.Please feel free to report anything that would be helpful to add or change on this list.


BookShelves Updated SKSE Script
Climates of Tamriel
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
Enhanced Lights and FX
Female Mannequin
Interesting NPCs
Lanterns of Skyrim
Mannequins Look Like You
Realistic Nights
SkyTest-Realistic Animals and Predators
Tropical Skyrim
WATER-Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
Wet & Cold: Holidays


Expanded towns and Cities-A tree clips into Leaf Rest’s outdoor bath. Other clipping issues occur when using along w/ Riverwood Flowering mod.
Glorious Enviroments- Rocks and trees clip into the deck, the herb bath, and other parts of the house.
Immersive Beds-The Leaf Rest player bed has it's own resting animation. The Immersive beds mod will not function w/ the main bed.
Towns and villages Enhanced-A few trees clip through the porch of the house.
Skyfix - Riverwood Redeveloped- added items clip into the dock. Some trees, plants, rocks, & other items also clip into the home. Navmesh issues. 


Immersive Settlements (the Riverwood esp.) - a building uses the same location as Leaf Rest. The other 13 ESPs should work fine.
Tips for dealing w/ minor clipping issues:

You can delete any items that clip by using the
"markfordelete" command. While in console mode, just select the item(s) that you don't want and type in the command. Then travel to another location and wait a bit before returning to Leaf Rest. The next time that area loads, those items will be gone.(Exercise caution & remember to save beforehand because this command cannot be undone.)

Here are two other console commands that are useful when used in combination w/ "markfordelete."

1. Disable - Selecting an object/item and typing in the command "Disable" (while in console mode) will cause an object to deactivate and immediately disappear from view. Unlike the "markfordelete" command, an item that is disabled will still be loaded by the game, however it will be made invisible.  

2. Enable - Selecting that same object/item and typing in the command "Enable" (while in console mode) will re-enable that object making it viewable to the player again.

These two commands can help to ensure that the player does not accidentally delete the wrong items permanently from their game while using the "markfordelete" command. A good technique is to always "disable" before using "markfordelete."

These commands may not work on certain trees, harvestable plants, and other items; but in some of these cases, the mod Jaxonz Positioner, can help. This useful mod provides an interface for selecting & adjusting the placement of objects in game. It can also be used to add some of your own decorations, containers, furniture, and other items in and around the home.

Questions & Answers...

Q1. What are all the required files needed to use this version?
A1. [ Skyrim.esm ] [ Update.esm ] [ Hearthfire.esm (DLC) ] and [ LeafRest Onepiece ]

Q2. Am I required to have the"Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions"mod installed ?
A2. Since the LR settings book includes the option to not have children's beds, It is not a requirement to have "Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions installed. However, if you do want to have adopted children residing inside of the home, you will need
to install HMA so that you can use the spell "Bless this home."

Q3. How do I install this mod?
A3. To install it is best to just use the Nexus Mod Manager. You'll need the main file [Leaf Rest Onepiece]. Riverwood Flowering is a separate mod for decorating the town of Riverwood and isn't required.

Q4. What do I have to do before updating from a previous version ?
A4. If you previously had installed LeafRest (Version 2.3.1 or earlier), Please perform a "clean install." To learn more about how to "clean install," please read the Updating Tips section of the long description.

Q5. Why did the Bucket disappear when I jumped while carrying it?
A5. This behavior is normal. Please continue to enter the farm in that state.

Q6. I worked to hard on the garden & contracted lambago (back ache). How can I cure this?
A6. Take a bath in one of the pools or sit in the sauna. Sit, relax, and let the warm water heal your body.

Q7. Why is it so performance heavy around the outside of the house?
A7. Please try using the "work table" by the right side of the top entrance. You can change or disable some of the exterior decorations to improve fps.

Q8. Why do the deck's two lanterns float in the air after using the "Work Table"?
A8. They are updated & disabled according to the in game clock at 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM

Q9. How many Children &/or Followers beds are inside of the home? 
A9. The house has 5 different configurations that can be changed in game by using the settings book: They are...

1. 3 followers beds and 2 children's beds. (technically followers can also use the main player bed which provides room for 2 more NPCs. Giving the house a total of 5 sleeping areas for followers)
2. The most children's beds the house can have is 4, and they will take the place of the extra followers beds; but once again a follower or two can still use the main player bed for sleeping.
3. You can also decide to have only the 3 followers beds and a small collection room instead of any children's beds. 
4. Two children's beds and a collection room (no extra followers beds)
5. And lastly,
there's a choice to have no extra beds for either followers or children. (so just the main player bed)
◆ Recommended Mods

JK's Riverwood by JKrojmal (Leaf Rest Compatible ESP)
Farm Animals by Ian Joseph 
Animated Clutter by JackMorris 
SkyTest - Realistic Animals and Predators by EtaYorius 
Unique Flowers and Plants by Navajothkk
Wet and Cold - Holidays by Isoku
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko
Book Covers Skyrim by Daniel Coffey and Doccdr
Jaxonz Positioner by Jaxonz
Jaxonz Renamer by Jaxonz
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
More plants and recipes for Hearthfire including Dawnguard and Dragonborn plants by numberland
Immersive Roads by 32cm


Please inform me of any bugs or issues. Feedback is appreciated, so feel free to leave any suggestions or thoughts that you may have in the comments section. Thank you for trying my mod!

Special Thanks to...

phellen (Description, Pictures)
Forresthome (Dinner table & reading Picture)
Cesarin123 (Leaf Rest picture)
darthmop1 (Tamriel map)
Hodilton (ver 1.0 video, Leaf Rest: One Piece video)
EmadWasfi (ver 1.2.1 Hearthfire video)
Andaley (ver 1.2.1 Hearthfire video)