Safe Basic NMM Installation Guide by Thorne67
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"BASIC NMM INSTALLATION GUIDE" All of my guides are written in notepad and are text documents. Virus proof unless you already have one running around your system.

Download the latest version.

Goto the NMM installation folder\Skyrim folder\Mods folder. If your mods haven't already been messed up, copy your mods somewhere if you have the hard drive space. If not...good luck.

Highlight ALL the mods but UNHIGHLIGHT the subfolders in the Mods folder.
Right Click on all the MODS you have, and make them READ ONLY. This is temporary and just for safety, and MAY not work as I do not know if NMM will overwrite read only files without notification anyhow so the above may just be a mute and unnecessary precaution.

DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET. Firewall, physically.. whatever. This is in an attempt to prevent any automatic functions that NMM attempts to do when it installs itself. Currently its because of this MASSIVELY annoying non-notifying autoupdate mods function. The set to READ ONLY from above SHOULD fix it but...

Install NMM

Look for the options and turn off ALL functions. Autoupdate, readme extraction, etc etc...again...not knowing if this actually STOPS NMM from doing any of it anyhow atm...

Now pray...and reconnect yourself to the internet.

Hey.. I did NOT say to run NMM yet.

NOW run NMM in TRACE mode.. i think that's the offline mode of NMM...not sure but it's been "less" buggy for me to use generally.

Hope this guide helped a lil. Blessings to all.

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