Muscular Women - Sleek Steel by ReflexShooter and Elmanouche
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Added: 22/03/2013 - 12:20AM
Updated: 23/03/2013 - 01:28AM

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Last updated at 1:28, 23 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 0:20, 22 Mar 2013

Version: 1.0.0a
Date: 03/22/2013
Category: Armours
Requirements: Skyrim, Muscular Women, Muscular Women - Armours, Sleek Steel Replacer
Recommended: Female Muscle Mod, Xenius Character Enhancement
Author: Elmanouche

This mod convert the Sleek Steel armour to Muscular Women body.
Original mod is required for textures !

My package is NMM ready with installation script.

Please upload screen-shots if you like, I got lazy on that side.

Update ! Fixed folder naming in package. Replacer_NordAndOrc wouldn't work.

1 - Add Muscular Women - SleekSteel to NMM, either by click on "Download with Manager" button or "Add mod from file" in NMM.
2 - Activate mod.
3 - Choose your installation type.
4 - Accept overwrite if prompted.
5 - Play.

1 - Extract the archive.
2 - Open the folder corresponding to your install choice.
3 - copy and paste the Data folder inside your steamapps\common\skyrim\
4 - Overwrite if prompted.
5 - Activate SleekSteel_StandAlone.esp in your launcher, if necessary.
6 - Play o/

Deactivate my mod in NMM

- Standalone_NordOrc
Delete Data\meshes\MW\armor\SleekSteel
Replace SleekSteel_StandAlone.esp by the original
- Standalone_AllRace
Replace MW SleekSteel meshes in Data\meshes\armor\SleekSteel by originals
- Replacer_NordOrc
Replace Sleeksteel meshes by steel from Muscular Women - Armours in Data\meshes\MW\Armor\Steel
- Replacer AllRace
Replace Sleeksteel meshes by steel from Muscular Women - Armours in Data\meshes\armor\Steel

Muscular Women

SleekSteel Replacer

Bethesda : for this marvelous sandbox
ReflexShooter : for his nice work on Sleek Steel armour

Those armours are not from me, see licencing/permissions from orignal mod