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New wards you can cast just by blocking with your shield or weapon!

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NOTE: The latest version changes the acquisition of the various spells, instead of a vendor NPC in Solitude spells are now acquired by activating a shrine in the location noted in the pictures, the easiest path to the location if by heading to Silent Moons Camp and heading North from there, there's a pathway up a hill that leads up to a Shrine to Mara.

Latest Change:
- Overhauled new version made by fellow Nexus user White Shadow uploaded changes as described follow:
- All unnecessary effects and scripts removed
- NPC and all packages,quests and cell-edits removed
- Spells can now be obtained at a shrine next to your Imbued Weapons shrine (fitting design and placement).
- All spells have the same visual effect when casting (as the lesser had in the original version)
- All spells have proper and consistent descriptions
- Info effect added which displays while not blocking.
- Magicka-use overhauled. The mechanic is the same, while fixing the stack-bug, added 6 steps instead of 5.
- Magicka-use now is balanced taking normal wards into account
- The half-magicka-effect of perks is taken into account now. The magicka use generally drops with higher perks while halving it on their specific perks (Novice, Adept, Expert, Master)
- Consistent naming of the effects and Spells

This is a small spell mod, it adds 4 tiers of toggle powers that allow the user to cast 4 different levels of ward spell by just blocking with their equipped weapon/shield. Each spell costs varying amounts of magicka based on the restoration perks the user has obtained.

The spells are available from a new vendor NPC in Solitude, generally, he'll hang around the marketplace, probably going through inappropriate idles that show just how bad I am at making packages right now, the tiers that are available will depend upon the users Restoration skill level.

Download with NMM and activate!


Download, extract, throw .esp and .bsa in data, then activate!

Deactivate in NMM!


Delete the .esp & .bsa!

White Shadow - Overhauled the plugin fixing all of the many things I had missed.


03/20/2013 - Mod Uploaded!