Strong Odahviing and Durnehviir by kapxis
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*Requires Dawnguard*

*Does not change textures*

Makes Odahviing and Durnehviir more useful as companions for the harder difficulty mods and high level play.

Deadly Dragons currently doesn't do much to help these two Dragons. So this is my solution for the time being.

1.1 update
-Fixed Drain Vitality Bug
-Added Drain Vitality to Durnehviir.. ( lol )


Odahviing is raw power, he's given a bit weaker version of Drain Vitality shout,
but otherwise his Fire Breath and added FireBall shout exceed all other Dragons. His
bite is also extremely Deadly.


Durnehviir is made to benefit more from his time in Soul Cairn, his raw power isn't as high as Odahviing, but it's made up for in his ability to summon a small platoon of allies from the soul cairn. The amount he can summon and the strength of the summons themselves have been increased. He's also given a strong frost shout and his Drain Vitality shout is very deadly to any enemy as it ignores resistances.


note: This mod does not effect Durnehviir's battle against you, a different durnehviir is used for that fight. However, in odahviing's battle this mod definately affects him. So if you don't use deadly dragons or other dragon mods you may find him more difficult than normal. But, for those who are used to nightmare mode Deadly Dragons will find his damage alot weaker. This is simply how damage scaling works for allies and enemies. As an ally, both are undoubtably multiple times stronger.

This mod works best on a new game, as Durnehviir and Odahviing seem to tie their level to yours upon first encounter. However it's not necessary, they will still get a buff to their hp and the damage/effectiveness of all their attacks will still change.

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This is what the texture i have in the screenshots for odahviing is.

Armored Odahviing - Odahviing Reborn

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