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Customize your HUD by moving HUD elements around, choose from different crosshair types and more.

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[size=+2] ~~~ Minimal HUD for Skyrim ~~~[/size]
[size=-1]Version 1.3[/size]


~ Movable and resizeable HUD elements (compass, status bars, etc) ~
~ Different crosshair types ~
~ Separate crosshairs for a) normal adventuring and b) aiming (e.g. when pulling the bowstring) ~
~ Separated crosshair from sneak eye ~
~ Factory presets for different aspect ratios ~
~ Layout Manager to save&reload your own presets ~

[size=+1]HOW TO USE[/size]

To change your hud layout, just enter the MCM menu, select a HUDelement
and change its size, position and opacity to your liking.

[size=+1]THE LAYOUT MANAGER[/size]

The Layout Manager (by fellow modder mttankard) is now fully integrated into MH and allows you to store up to 5 user created layouts.
Just select the layout and click load/save/delete.

No more reconfiguring when starting a new game!

If you had already installed mttankards LayoutManager as a separate mod you have to uninstall it before using MinimalHUD 1.0.
Do so by deleting the following file:

How do I rename my layouts?
The default name of a layout is „Layout1“, „Layout2“, etc.
If you want to rename a layout (e.g. Layout1), follow these steps:
1. open the file „ Skyrim/Data/SKSE/plugins/minhud_layout.xml“ in a text editor
2. look for „<name>Layout1</name>“ and replace „Layout1“ with your name
3. save & restart skyrim

All credits for the LayoutManager belong to mttankard!


Like most (if not all) HUD mods, MinimalHUD uses a modified 'hudmenu' flash file (hudmenu.swf or hudmenu.gfx).
This is inevitable when you want to have special features like alternative status bars, crosshairs, compass markers etc.
The downside to this is that you lose compatibility with other mods that do the same.

MinimalHUD now features a Light version that drops its dependency on the flash file while maintaining most of its core features. It can still move/scale/hide HUD elements but it is also compatible with other hudmenu altering mods like NACMIM or simple crosshair e.g.

~ compatible with mods like NACMIM , simple crosshair, minimal crosshair, etc. ~

~ no different crosshair types ~
~ vanilla status bar depletion ~
~ no separation of sneak eye and crosshair when also using iHUD (see below) ~

~ user layouts created with the full version are NOT compatible with layouts of the light version and vice versa!!!
~ when using iHUD: unfortunately, without altering hudmenu.gfx there is no way of preventing iHUD from constantly calling „hide crosshair commands“ when sneaking. This results in constant flickering of the crosshair. Selecting „Force iHUD compatibility“ in the crosshair menu gets rid of this, but you cannot show sneak eye AND crosshair at the same time then.


MinimalHUD requires SKSE, SkyUI 3.4 or higher and Skyrim patched to 1.8 or higher.


Extract the archive into your „Skyrim/Data“ folder.
If you had previously installed the LayoutManager as a separate mod,
uninstall that one first by deleting the following file:


If the HUD elements are out of place or don't look like in the screenshots, it's probably a conflict with another HUD altering mod. Please try the following:
1) make sure that MinimalHUD is last in your mod load order.
2) if you were switching versions (e.g. from frull to light) during one savegame, try to load one of the factory presets (full) or select "reset layout"(light)
3) When using the FULL version, the following files MUST NOT exist
If one or both of these files exist, make a backup and delete them
4) If it’s still not working try to deactivate all other mods (excluding iHUD) which alter the HUD (crosshair mods, compass mods, etc.)