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Added: 16/03/2013 - 07:26PM
Updated: 31/03/2013 - 11:43PM

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Last updated at 23:43, 31 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 19:26, 16 Mar 2013

Dragontooth Den is a medium-sized Dwemer House situated on top of Dragontooth Crater, north-east of Markarth. My goal for this mod was to create a house that offered all of what a large house could provide, yet devise a simple layout that made the house seem small-ish and easy to navigate.

Dragontooth Den (and its screenshots) was calibrated using VANILLA lighting at DEFAULT brightness. I have created an alternate RLO version (calibrated using Realistic Lighting Overhaul), and it gets close to the original version, but is still a tad too contrasty and saturated for my tastes. Users of RLO feel free to dl the RLO version instead of the regular version.

Users will also find a GS version using General Stores for streamlined storage (General Store master file required).

In the house you'll find:

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Library
1 Bar
1 Dining Hall
1 Kitchen
1 Great Hall
Dedicated rooms for the arts of Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing

36 Weapon Plaques
10 Mannequins
24 Weapon Racks
7 Large Display Cases
6 Small Display Cases
Shelves for 540 Books


I have not used any additional modding resources for this file, and everything is from the original game. However, I have taken the idea of the floor to ceiling aquarium found in White Falls house, which is the house that inspired me to make a house of my own, you can find its link below, quite an ingenious mod, and the author deserves more credit. Also linked below is General Stores, which is needed for the GS version of this mod.

White Falls

General Stores

Version History:

.8 Initial Release as an Open Beta

.85 Put a cooking pot in the kitchen, added Dragon Faction to Mr. Buttons, included an optional RLO version for RLO users

.87 Added roombounds, portals and occlusion planes to the regular version of the file for added performance.

.95 Added optimiztaion to RLO version, included a GS version for General Store users. Reworked the safe in the master bedroom on regular and RLO version so that when it opened you wouldn't see a wall behind it. Recommended to take items out of it before updating to version .95.

1.00 Added Stables to all 3 versions.

1.25 Mostly fixed Mannequins changing poses, mostly fixed Mr. Buttons bugging out. Added 3 new NPCs, one of which is a merchant and one a possible follower. Adjusted the roombounds and portals some to minimize the portal bug. Added clutter to balcony tables.

Please don't be afraid to comment and submit more suggestions! I want this house to be very much about the community as much as myself. Possible updates for future: extra bed or two, vault, working dummies and archery targets, more dialogue and interaction for Ulfred and Mr. Buttons.