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Merchant with more gold AND perk support

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Selling items has always been a pain in Elder Scrolls games: merchants simply don't have enough money.
Mods already exist to alleviate the issue (for exemple Rich Merchants by WheresMyPocket has made my life so much easier for more than one year and he deserves my greatest thanks).
Sadly these mods have one big issue (at least if you're like me): they make perks like investor or master trader totally useless. Seriously who cares about 1500 gold when merchants already have 10000?
So why my mod is different? Simple: It takes perks into account.
All merchants now have 3000 gold (wich should be more than enough for early game).
Invest 5000 and you have to invest those 5000 (even if the game says 500) and it will raise to 8000 (of course if you had already invested 500 gold before installing the mod it will not conflict in any way).
Become a master trader and they'll have 10000 more. So up to 18000. More than enough for end game.

Just keep few things in mind:
Merchants have to reset their inventory before you'll see those shiny gold pieces. Wait two days or quit the game and launch it again.
When you buy things from a merchant make sure it does not end up with more than 30000 gold. There is a vanilla bug that makes them totally useless if that happens: they take your stuff but won't give you gold and they may very well stop to reset their inventory.

How to install:
Use your favorite mod manager or just drop richer merchants.esp in your data folder and activate it.

How to uninstall:
Use your favorite mod manager or delete richer merchants.esp.

Traduzione italiana - Italian translation:
Richer mercants - With perks support - TRADUZIONE ITALIANA -SKI- by Ciccigomma