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This lore-friendly mod aims to improve player immersion by expanding Skyrim settlements (villages, towns and cities).
The mod is highly modular: each settlement has his own .esp file:
Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar, Rorikstead, Riverwood, Karthwasten, Ivarstead, Dragon Bridge, Shor's Stone, Stonehills, Kynesgrove, Orc Strongholds...

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[size=10] IMPORTANT NEWS! [/size]

Hello guys!

As you may now the mod wasn't updated since many months. It happens my professional and personnal life changed a lot and I have now simply no enough time to mod for Skyrim.

But there is a good news now. Missjennabee, author of ETaC contacted me to know if she could use ImSet content to speed up their own mod development. I accepted with pleasure and this mean for you players that you should found some ImSet content (probably mainly modified and with more content) inside ETaC. So in other words, ImSet development will continue but it will be integrated inside future ETaC versions and Missjennabee will be in charge of it.

I think this is the best for both us modders and you players even if some maybe preferred one of the mod over the other one. This also very good because Donuts (and maybe Tsewe in future if he manage to get some time) will be able to continue and see implemented his awesome work he started to design as "scenarist" since last update.

So the things are moving again and you should now check ETaC mod page where the future of ImSet will be linked.


This mod aims to expand Skyrim Settlements (villages, towns and cities) to bring more life and improve player immersion. The mod is lore-friendly and highly modular: each modified settlement has is own .esp file.
If you install the whole package, actual version (v0.30) contains 34 new NPC, 45 new added houses and hundred of items, objects and others details for immersion purpose.

Development strategy

I'd like to propose some community participation for the development of this mod. Best ideas are often shared and come from discussion between people. Feel free to post suggestions, ideas or just track the bugs and report them.
I will create a topic on the discussion forum (of this mod) for each individual settlement so we can discuss on specific subjects. Please try to post on correct discussions so I can keep track of all important things and don’t miss some of your suggestions or interesting ideas.

Development planning

I'll work in parallel on multiple settlements. This method allows me to keep a fresh eye and mind each time I return working on a specific settlement.
Each settlement will get through different "modding stages" explained below:

  • Stage 0: Untouched. Nothing done yet about this settlement
  • Stage 1: Adding buildings/large structures. Expanding settlements with major additions but without altering the landscape.
  • Stage 2: First NAVMESH edition. The Navmesh "tells" NPC where they can and cannot move.
  • Stage 3: Adding NPC and furnitures/elements/details. NPC get only a basic AI package for testing and concept validation purpose.
  • Stage 4: Second NAVMESH edition to take account of added furnitures and other static elements from previous stages.
  • Stage 5: Designing Houses interiors
  • Stage 6: Designing NPCs and their AI. Designing their face, outfits for immersion purposes + Planning their "daily schedule". Get them sleep in their new house for exemple.
  • Stage 7: Voice Acting. Giving every new NPCs a unique voice.
  • Stage 8: Adding deeper, longer dialogues and quests.
  • Stage 9: It's mainly done! Time for cleaning and optimization. Next steps will include more advanced suggestions.

Important note: Please keep in mind I want this mod to stay lore-friendly: Don’t ask me for example to turn "Darkwater crossing" in a huge fortified city. There is no point (for me) to do such thing, it just breaks the story and Elder scroll lore. The objective is just to make things more “immersive”, “alive” and I’m sure we can do it even for simple and small settlements.

Immersive Settlements status (v 0.55):

Small Settlements / Villages :

Darkwater Crossing[Stage 4] - A small mining camp that operates the Goldenrock Mine.
Kynesgrove[Stage 5] - A small village located on the road south from Windhelm, in Eastmarch.
Stonehills[Stage 5] - A small iron mining settlement, directly east of Morthal, based outside of Rockwallow Mine.
Shor's Stone[Stage 4] - A small mining village that operates the Redbelly Mine.


Dragon Bridge[Stage 4] - A town in northwestern Skyrim.
Helgen[Stage 0] - A town located within Falkreath Hold, near the Skyrim-Cyrodiil border.
Ivarstead[Stage 4] - A small milling town located at the base of the Throat of the World.
Karthwasten[Stage 4] - A mining town in the Reach.
Riverwood[Stage 5, 6, 7] - A medium-sized town northeast of Helgen.
Rorikstead[Stage 5] - A farming town in Whiterun Hold

Orc Strongholds: (NEW!)

Dushnikh Yal[Stage 4] - An Orc stronghold southeast of Markarth.
Largashbut[Stage 4] - An accursed Orc stronghold in the Rift beset by giants.
Mor Khazgur[Stage 4] - An Orc stronghold located west of Solitude and north of Markarth.
Narzulbur[Stage 4] - An Orc stronghold of the Eastmarch hold.

Minor Cities:

Dawnstar[Stage 4] - A small fishing and mining settlement on the northern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the Pale.
Falkreath[Stage 4, 5, 6, 7] - A city in Falkreath Hold, located near the Cyrodilic border
Morthal[Stage 4] - A city located in Hjaalmarch.
Winterhold[Stage 0] - A city located on the northeastern tip of Skyrim

Major Cities:

Markarth[Stage 0] - A major city located in The Reach, near the border of High Rock.
Riften[Stage 0] - A major city located in the southeastern corner of the Rift.
Solitude[Stage 0] - A major city located on the northwestern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the province.
Whiterun[Stage 4] - A major city located in the center of Skyrim, near the Throat of the World.
Windhelm[Stage 0] - A major city in Eastmarch, located near the Dunmeth Pass to Morrowind in northeastern Skyrim.


The mod is still in development and compatibility with others mods are not priority
Please report any mod incompatibility so I can list them.

Incompatibilities reported so far:
  • Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships - Overhauled : PATCH available in File section!
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul : only problems with the version with hand placed trees!. The last version (Basic v181b) works fine!
  • Civil War Overhaul: Problems reported - Need confirmation


Translations are NOT necessary up-to-date. Please check links and thanks authors for their work if you like their translation!

- FRENCH Translation by raphou112
- FRENCH Translation by Kaos Sita (La confrérie des traducteurs)
- GERMAN Translation by endymion81
- RUSSIAN Translation by Const24
- POLISH Translation by LordTorus


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